Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 311

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Welcome to the 311st Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready to see who won this week?

Your Caption Contest winner, using a photo from "Moment of Truth," is SiriD.

Congrats! The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to AMB, Lisarae and Nicoleee. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next week!


Examiner: Cristina Hunt?
Cristina: *kills her*

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Examiner: "It's an honor to meet you Dr.Yang--you're the top applicant--so tell me, why did you choose us?"
Christina: "Frankly, I was really hungry that day and your fruit basket was the best one---and hey you promised me another one just for showing up!"
Examiner: "Anything you want Dr.Yang!"
Christina: "And a basket for my person here,Meredith!"
Examiner: "Of course!"


Meredith thinking: Ima about to vomit...
Christina to examiner: I there I'm Christina Yang, Cardio goddess. Have you got room for two? (points to Meredith) Shes a neuro goddess and you would love to have her as well, her last name is also Grey, you know, like Ellis Grey? Yup her mom, double whammy so a good idea?.. yes? deal!


Meredith thinking:their clothes and shoes are about to smell like vomit, they'd better move soon..too late.


Cristina: (to the examiner) I may have some more fruit and cookie baskets turning up anytime. But if you want, I'd be happy to share them if I could just get pass my boards


Cistina: Be grateful that it's me you're gonna be testing. The odds are that my friend and collegue there is gonna throw up very soon


Christina: (thoughts) "Here I am taking the next step to being the world's greatest cardiac surgeon---I will ace this exam and show everyone who is the best! I know my person Mer is rooting for me!"
Meredith: (thoughts) "Dang,girl, let's hope the examiner doesn't see that panty line!"


Examiner: We are ready for you Dr Yang
Cristina: Well I hope this is gonna be interesting. My person has been revived from when she drowned herself,I've operated in an OR when a shooter wanted to shoot the chief of surgery. We even had a lion muling people a few weeks ago. Exams are just... dull.


I’m her person, I’m the greatest surgeon…but I can’t fix her…she’s depressed, she drowned, died, her mom had Alzheimer's, her father abandoned her and now I am leaving her,too …she’s my person, I’m her person, so fix her… I can’t…


Meredith: *thinking* I gotta pee. I gotta pee!
Woman: Dr. Cristina Yang?
Cristina: Good to meet you. Do you have a bathroom for my person?


I’m her person, I’m a surgeon, but I can’t fix her…
You can see's depressed. She almost died, her mom had Alzheimer's,
her father abandoned her and now I am leaving her, too…she’s my person, I’m her person, so fix her, I can’t!

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