Grey's Anatomy Review: The Pressure Is On

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One in five. Things are not looking too good for our residents right now.

"Moment of Truth” had the gang travel to San Francisco for their oral boards and, boy, did they bring along some baggage. Let's discuss.

Exam Time. Meredith, Jackson, Alex, Cristina and April. That’s five. That means one of these residents is most likely not passing their boards. Is it Alex, who didn’t make it to his exam in time? Meredith, who was fighting a stomach flu? Cristina, the robot, dealing with her failing marriage? April, dealing with her lost virginity? Or Jackson, who’s lucky pencil broke right before the exam?

Jackson Suits Up

First Time Hookups. Another city, another state of mind. April decided to do the deed with the ridiculously hot Jackson Avery. First of all, it’s about time. There has been some chemistry between these two for a while. Second, how could you let Jackson get out of your bed? April’s mistake was letting Avery leave after their little escapade. Nothing would relax me more than waking up to those beautiful eyes.

Jackson wasn’t the only Avery having some fun in San Fran. Catherine Avery showed up just in time to make Richard smile for the first time in too long. These two make a great pairing. Masters of medicine. Of course, theirs is the baggage that Richard’s wife is battling a disease and sleeping with another man. What to do? 

Last Breath. Alex showed once again why he belongs in peds. He left San Fran to be by Morgan and Arizona’s side as they fought for Morgan’s baby’s life. Arizona said it best. She needs Alex to be her peds fellow, and so do we. I can’t imagine Seattle Grace without Alex “The Underdog” Karev. 

Could a Morgan/Alex romance be brewing? We talked about this before but it seems to keep creeping back up. Alex deserves a real relationship with a woman who is not crazy. Could Morgan be the one? I wouldn’t hate it. 

Get On the Bus

Kudos to Amanda Fuller for her heartfelt scene of losing her child. Extremely sad and emotional. Perfectly portrayed.

Friends? With Jackson out of the hospital, Mark spent his time chatting with Lexie. His “I need you” had me so excited, until I realized it was just for a case. Although it has been a long time since these two have been a couple, I still find myself rooting for them. What do you think? Do Sloan and Lexie belong together?

The scene between Lexie and big bro-in-law Derek was touching. Derek knows that Mark still cares about Lexie and vice versa. Time to play matchmaker, McDreamy!

After a verbal beat down from one Ms. Miranda Bailey, Teddy reached out to Owen in that sense of letting him know Cristina is ready for her test. To be honest, these two haven’t shared many scenes lately and I almost forgot they were fighting. Hopefully, they work it out. Owen is going to need a friend if Yang decides to head East for a new job.

BFFs. Once again, Meredith and Cristina proved who the heart and soul of this series is. The friends shared some quality time on the sides of Mer’s door. It was about time that Cristina admitted about Owen’s affair. Watching these two is more enjoyable than half the cases.

Dr. Altman Image

After Thoughts:

  • How cute was Zola in her bumble bee costume?
  • Who else thinks Jackson should wear a suit every day? Or nothing at all?
  • How hilarious was Jackson showing up at his mom’s room to find Webber? Not awkward at all.
Overall, a solid episode once again. There are only three episodes left of Season 8. Maybe only three episodes left with the original cast. So tell us what you think, TV Fanatics. Who will be the one, if any, to fail their boards? Is Alex going to be able to take his? Was the Jackson/April hookup hot or not? 

Don’t forget to check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later in the week after you hit the comments and sound off. Until next time, Grey’s fans. 


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Morgan and the whole storyline bores me to death.


Overall Morgan is kind of a "meh" character in my opinion, but the scene where Tommy died completely broke my heart. Just saying.


some sort of cheating sex. When I think that they barely show 2 seconds of Callie and Arizona when there is some action...
About April, I don't get it either, it felt like they were in a hurry with the script and randomly came up with a weird excuse. What is the point of this character, I still wonder, she has no real storyline.
Bailey rocked when making total sense and setting Teddy right.
Loved loved loved Mer/Cristina's friendship in this episode.


It was nice to see our residents out of the hospital, and they all have good reasons to be failing their boards, so I wonder what's gonna happen.
I think the actress playing Morgan did a great job, and despise what most say, I think her and Alex might be a good couple.
About Richard and Catherine, it's understandable but like some said, it was a long scene for


I don't understand why people are mad at Meredith. What was she supposed to say? "Owen is a great guy. He only cheated on you once and it was 'just sex'. Its not like he did it on purpose just to hurt you or anything." Please... She only said what any indignant friend would have said. Cristina and Owen have way too many issues besides cheating to deal with. She should leave him in my opinion.


Ooo, Kelly, I love your post. This Morgan character really needs to leave.


i like Dr.Avery cause i like his hair (thats my comment) :)


I don't ever remember April being serious or even mentioning her religious views. Where the heck did that guilt come from?! When she had the discussion about her virginity it was more about timing and wanting it to be special. If this is the case it's pretty annoying that they added this to her character out of the blue. Like she doesn't have annoying traits enough we have to add this to it? As for Owen and Christine - I do think they need to take a step back. Figure out how they are going to deal with their needs for the future. Regardless of past history having ideas for the future that don't match on important issues such as children makes it very hard to have any relationship. Add on the hurt and resentment they have right now and stepping back would be a really good idea.


Meredith was once again too judgmental of Owen given that she doesn't understand anything about his relationship with Yang. I guarantee that had Yang been the one to cheat she would have resented Owen for not forgiving her.the last person to give love advice should be mer. I loathed the Jackson April thing for two reasons, one is they've always had a sibling vibe and also it detracts the importance of her being a virgin so long if one drunk night she gives it away that easily. She never mentioned religious beliefs linked to it before either only that she wanted to be in love. Loved webber and momma Avery. Thank God bailey set Teddy straight and Alex should have never left.


@Amberlynn I would like to see the list of episodes where April has mentioned her religious views. Start researching, because I don't recall April mentioning her love of Jesus even with a gun pointed at her. The impression most viewers had was that April was still a virgin because she was waiting for love, and because she had some ideal of perfection in her prior mention of Jesus.

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