Grey's Anatomy Review: The Pressure Is On

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One in five. Things are not looking too good for our residents right now.

"Moment of Truth” had the gang travel to San Francisco for their oral boards and, boy, did they bring along some baggage. Let's discuss.

Exam Time. Meredith, Jackson, Alex, Cristina and April. That’s five. That means one of these residents is most likely not passing their boards. Is it Alex, who didn’t make it to his exam in time? Meredith, who was fighting a stomach flu? Cristina, the robot, dealing with her failing marriage? April, dealing with her lost virginity? Or Jackson, who’s lucky pencil broke right before the exam?

Jackson Suits Up

First Time Hookups. Another city, another state of mind. April decided to do the deed with the ridiculously hot Jackson Avery. First of all, it’s about time. There has been some chemistry between these two for a while. Second, how could you let Jackson get out of your bed? April’s mistake was letting Avery leave after their little escapade. Nothing would relax me more than waking up to those beautiful eyes.

Jackson wasn’t the only Avery having some fun in San Fran. Catherine Avery showed up just in time to make Richard smile for the first time in too long. These two make a great pairing. Masters of medicine. Of course, theirs is the baggage that Richard’s wife is battling a disease and sleeping with another man. What to do? 

Last Breath. Alex showed once again why he belongs in peds. He left San Fran to be by Morgan and Arizona’s side as they fought for Morgan’s baby’s life. Arizona said it best. She needs Alex to be her peds fellow, and so do we. I can’t imagine Seattle Grace without Alex “The Underdog” Karev. 

Could a Morgan/Alex romance be brewing? We talked about this before but it seems to keep creeping back up. Alex deserves a real relationship with a woman who is not crazy. Could Morgan be the one? I wouldn’t hate it. 

Get On the Bus

Kudos to Amanda Fuller for her heartfelt scene of losing her child. Extremely sad and emotional. Perfectly portrayed.

Friends? With Jackson out of the hospital, Mark spent his time chatting with Lexie. His “I need you” had me so excited, until I realized it was just for a case. Although it has been a long time since these two have been a couple, I still find myself rooting for them. What do you think? Do Sloan and Lexie belong together?

The scene between Lexie and big bro-in-law Derek was touching. Derek knows that Mark still cares about Lexie and vice versa. Time to play matchmaker, McDreamy!

After a verbal beat down from one Ms. Miranda Bailey, Teddy reached out to Owen in that sense of letting him know Cristina is ready for her test. To be honest, these two haven’t shared many scenes lately and I almost forgot they were fighting. Hopefully, they work it out. Owen is going to need a friend if Yang decides to head East for a new job.

BFFs. Once again, Meredith and Cristina proved who the heart and soul of this series is. The friends shared some quality time on the sides of Mer’s door. It was about time that Cristina admitted about Owen’s affair. Watching these two is more enjoyable than half the cases.

Dr. Altman Image

After Thoughts:

  • How cute was Zola in her bumble bee costume?
  • Who else thinks Jackson should wear a suit every day? Or nothing at all?
  • How hilarious was Jackson showing up at his mom’s room to find Webber? Not awkward at all.
Overall, a solid episode once again. There are only three episodes left of Season 8. Maybe only three episodes left with the original cast. So tell us what you think, TV Fanatics. Who will be the one, if any, to fail their boards? Is Alex going to be able to take his? Was the Jackson/April hookup hot or not? 

Don’t forget to check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later in the week after you hit the comments and sound off. Until next time, Grey’s fans. 


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What is the name of the extra/actor that got into the fight?


I just want to say that I cried so hard when Bailey drop that whole speech to defend Owen on Teddy.. I love Owen so much and it's just so heartbreaking to see him like now.. and Even Bailey feels sorry for him. And no offense, I hate how Mer tries to gives all that crap about Owen's a pig... like she knows everything!! This all 'my other half' thing between Mer and Cristina is unhealthy... I know lots of people would disagree with me, but on some point, Cristina has to figure it out on her own... Admit it, between those two, Cristina is the sane and most logic one... Mer's just crazy typical women... too much hormone.


Jackson and *APRIL*...NOT Jackson and Avery. Duh! Blonde moment.


You're right. Jackson and Avery are Izzy and George all over again. Great friends that one night have too much to drink then sleep together, and have awkward sex while their at it. How original!


I am appalled by the spelling and grammatical errors littered throughout this review...


yeach well mark and lexie will continue to have nice moments togueter even do she still love the guy anyway that was weird with april and avery and as for dr webber and avery mother whatever is meredith pregnant or not i felt bad for cristina


I really don't get Avery...I don't really see him and April being together. I always thought they supported each other because they were friends. I feel like it's Izzie and George all over again. It's like : why ruin a good friendship to something that is totally out of character and not enjoyable to watch...


i have to ask about this, derek is giving advice to and comforting lexie about her love life, but on private practice his sister amelia is pregnant with a baby with no brain and going through *real* hell and there are no scenes of a comforting phone call?! i find that strange don't you?


@Doe-Rae-Me - I couldn't agree more. I loved that we got 3 mark and lexie scenes which was actually shocking to me since SR usually pretends that we aren't even watching. Mark is so worried to even get a little hope so i see why he told her them being friends doesn't mean that he wants to hear why Jackson/Her broke up. I think mark is as worried as Lexie is of rejection. Loved all the MD Scenes. Sadly i don't see Meredith pregnant. and i kind of don't need to see this show become a soap with all the kids running around. Derek/Lexie scene was the best scene IMO. Lexie finally was able to express her feelings regarding mark. (She needs a friend badly) Derek rubbing her back was the sweetest thing ever. I have always loved their Brother/Sister relationship.


...continued: It's just a very dramatic rough patch for them.

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