Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Who's in Love?

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Somebody's in love on Grey's Anatomy, and it's quite unexpected.

As if he hadn't struggled with the subject of his wife's living arrangements already, Richard is faced with an unsettling realization when he visits Adele at Rose Ridge: She has feelings for someone else there.

Watch the surprising sneak peek from Thursday's episode below:

Meanwhile, Cristina Yang proves to be the highest in demand as the residents begin their interviews for post-residency positions at prospective hospitals, and Owen gets the cold shoulder from the staff.

Finally, the doctors work on a Jane Doe, who turns out to be a possible political prisoner and the victim of torture, not to mention a figure at the center of a case that gained national interest.

See those clips from "The Girl With No Name" here ...

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I'd like to see Kepner take the job in North Western that she's being interviewed for, Avery can go to his grandpa's hospital.
I agree with smileyglen about Webber,but I think he'll be comforted by Avery's mom.
Will Mer actally go for an interview for a job elsewhere? I hope so, she's a great surgeon and a great teacher


I'm wondering if it's Kepner that fails. The writers generally pull things together for Meredith so it might not be her, though that would probably keep her in Seattle. You see Avery studying with Mark, Alex has been studying religiously, Meredith studied well but has her medical issue, and I just can't imagine Cristina not pulling through. She has her focus back and I imagine she'll be fine. Of course if she fails it would probably keep her in Seattle also. You never really see Kepner studying as much as the others. Does this mean there's going to be another break between episodes???!!!!!


Kinda ironic that Webber's wife has forgotten he's her husband, but Ellis always remembered him as the love of her life.Knowing GA Webber is gonna hook up with Mrs Avery soon.
Not sure all Cris's being wooed by numerous hospitals is gonna mean she's guaranteed to pass her boards.Initially I thought it'd be Avery, not so sure now.Mer should pass but we know she's got a medical emergncy to overcome, will she get time allowed for her to finish what ever she was doing before she was unwell?


Burke did try to push Cristina to be something she wasn't. I agree w/that but he did love her and she loved him, though according to her not as much as she does Owen. I don't believe she would ever really go back to him, but it would be interesting to see the chemistry between them again. Especially with others noticing it too. Sometimes I think ultimately Cristina and Owen will be together again, but if that drags this story line well into next season then that would just be ridiculous. Fans would probably be in an uproar, this one included.


The problem with the Burke idea is that he only accepted that Cristina was who she was right at the end when he realised he had to walk away - up until that moment he was constantly pushing her into being something she didn't wanna be my going against everything she asked of him in their relationship. He forced her to go public, he forced her to have a key, he forced her to move in and he forced her to say yes to marry him - he wanted Cristina to become perfect for him until he finally let her go.


I agree with Laura's dream. I too wish Burke could come back for an episode or two, realize that the chemistry is still there, and then Owen could see that. I don't think Cristina would be interested in rekindling that relationship because she told Owen she loved him more than she did Burke, but I do think Burke understood her better and accepted that she is who she is, even if she wasn't right for him as a wife. But then again, Owen is already jealous of Cristina's thoughts about her career. Might be overkill.


I had a dream that Burke came back for a special case and was working with Cristina and realised he missed her and Owen was jealous and they were both competing for her but she wasn't interested....


agree with mrs alex oloughlin! I think something like that will happen too.
maybe its better for richard tho.. So they both can move on? It kinda cute, adele in love! not worrying about Richard cheating

Sarah silva

Christina will leave at the end of the season and then will come back next season when she decides to get back together with Owen.
I like Adele and Richard together but he will sadly come to terms that her alzheimer's is getting worse and that he no longer has a marriage, and will then get involved with Jackson's mom.


Can't wait for this episode to air. Cristina seems to be bouncing back and Meredith helping Owen out. Hope Holly is okay, she sounds like a kidnapping victim. And Richard it has finally come full circle, karma is a bitch, and Richard got some back with wife Adele telling him she is falling in love with another man. It's hard to believe we are only weeks away from the season finale. Hope all our favorite characters come back for season nine.

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Cristina: They don't, unless you're me. A god.

When you're a kid, you always want things to stay the same. The same teacher, the same house, the same friends. Being a surgeon is no different.