Grimm Review: Obstacles, Clingers, and Disgust

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"The Thing With Feathers" accomplished one thing: being one of the first shows to truly make me sick to my stomach. I can handle a lot of what television throws at me, and not much makes me actually get dry the heaves.

Rosalee and Monroe

But watching Robin, and seeing that tube stuffed down her throat? While not the nastiest thing in the world, once it was combined with the pump and its sound effects, I nearly lost my dinner. Congratulations Grimm, I’m officially grossed out.

Please don’t try to top it.

Surprisingly, Nick slicing the egg out of Robin’s throat didn’t bother me in the slightest.

Getting to the episode, not much happened this week, and for the most part Grimm suffered because of it. Most of it is due to the unresolved obstacles between Nick and Juliette. I’m all for characters growing further apart as the secrets one or more of them harbor continue to pile on and on, but when it happens too quickly or things begin to get out of hand it’s time to change things up or resolve it.

Grimm has reached that point.

Nick has embraced being a Grimm, there’s no question about it, he has taken on the responsibility without knowing what exactly he’s getting himself into, and his intentions are noble from both sides: he wants to protect Juliette from getting harmed from this new aspect of his life and being a Grimm helps him be a better Detective. Having Nick pulled from all of those directions has made for some great obstacles. But with the amount of danger Juliette is being put in episode after episode how much longer is she going to be unnecessarily kept in the dark?

Juliette has to be given credit for acknowledging the rift that is developing between her and Nick, and turning down his engagement because of it. I’m glad she did so, it’s not fair to either of them, and their marriage won’t work if they begin it built on a bed of lies that keeps expanding by the day. Hopefully, with this newfound rejection Nick will begin to consider bringing Juliette in on the secret.

The other thread running through this episode is Hank’s greater and greater obsession with Adalind, and just like “Island of Dreams,” I’m still not impressed with Hank. I know his stage five clinger status isn’t his fault, but at least make it fun. Right now it’s mostly awkwardness and some secondhand embarrassment from bearing witness to it.

Thankfully, Adalind is fun to watch.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Does anyone else want Nick, Eddie, and Rosalee to open up a PI business and hunt down the weird and unexplained over Nick being a cop? This idea is beginning to sound like a Buffy spinoff.
  • Nick getting a wifi signal in the forest for Facetime must be another Grimm ability.
  • What were the passports for in Rosalee’s brother’s shop?
  • Wu enjoyed some paperclips for lunch today. What will he eat next week?


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Grimm Hater why watch let alone comment on a series you don't like? I love Grimm and think it gets better the more you get to know the characters obviously others agree cause it got another season!


I have to agree with tayo. This show needs something more. Seeing grimms isnt really a super power. The show as is would have been good as a mini series but a whole season? I got hooked on the pilot but got bored really quickly once I realized that Nick doesnt have any other special abilities. In fact now I am wishing they simply cancel this show and replace it with another more deserving show.


Fortunately for people like JJ, I tend to gloss over the contrary opinions of people who can't write proper English words and sentences to make their point. I tend to agree with JK. I think Renard is some sort of creature, but so in control of himself that Nick doesn't have a clue. Given that he has "royal" lineage, I'm going to take a guess that he's going to be some sort of lion creature. @KansasGuest - GREAT point on Juliette, I never thought of that angle. I'm convinced there's SOMETHING up with her, but that's a really good observation. I'm sure there's more to being a Grimm than we've seen. Nick is still learning, but there must be a reason (other than just being recognized) why their reputation strikes fear into everyone.


Reinard remembers me very distinctively of the elves from "Changeling: the Dreaming" RPG. He's quite distant, cold, acomplished in human life, arrogant, keeps boasting about his noble european bloodline who got beheaded in French Revolution, killed a reaper because he invaded his protectorate without his leaving, and is not trying to kill Nick, teh dangerous Grimm, but survailing him, keeping him not only in the dark and dominating his best friend, but also apart from other grimms (appearently) and safe from direct killing atempts. Like he want's a pet grimm to unleash against someone or something.
So, for me, he may be no animal, but somekind of elf or "fairy", after all, we haven't seem any of Grimms Brothers "fairies", just animals and witches till now.(did anyonbe agree Adalind is not exactly an animal, looking more like a zombie in her real face?)
And who knows, maybe Juliette is his bastard half human and Reinard is keeping him alive to her (crazy theories, guilty as charged).
I think Adalind is in love for Rainard, too, or maybe just horny for his power or bloodline. P.S.: Sorry for my lame English, it's not my native language, I'm Brazillian, absolutelly love your reviews though. Hope I wrote it coherently enough and didn't made a crazy pile of nonsense.


As much as I like the "supernatural" genre, Grimm really isn't in that category I mean all the guy can do is "identify"! big deal!, question is what can he do about it? It's not like he's got super strength, speed or any other supernatural ability...I mean he can only see them that's it! I'm sure if he wasn't a cop he'd probably be dead by now. Nick seriously needs some sort of power-up.


@jj - Apparently not, because it sounds like the show you're watching sucks. Howzabout you go find another one?


umm r u guys watchin th same show as me? i find it so lame the grim guy always just watches as th creatures get away or kill people then when he can arrests them??? wtf i think the bald aunt from th first episode who so violently fought for her life would be better as a main character. i find the show annoying and dumb. pls stop watching it so something better can b put on


Wifi signal ? What for ? He's got a jailbroken device, that's all !!!


@KansasGuest - That's a good point about the episode with the coins. I still say that there's another face under there, though, if only because revealing it would be a great bit of payoff for the season finale. (I do think you're right about it not being animalistic.) 'Til then, I suppose all we can do is wait and see.


@JK - I think Renard did let his control slip when he went into full Nazi mode because of that "precious" a few episodes ago. Something else was influencing him & he wasn't in complete control. Yet, he never revealed anything to Nick. No - I believe Renard is top of the food chain. Not human, but not anything remotely like an animal. Maybe he's a descendant of Lucifer? Whatever he is, I want more!

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