Hart of Dixie Review: A Disenchanted Forest

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A bear may have been loose in the woods on this Hart of Dixie episode, but meow... purr... other feline noises.

Did you hear those? The real trouble got started on "Bachelorettes & Bullets" once the cat was officially let out of the bag.

A New Love Interest

Yes, George Tucker now knows. And Zoe knows George knows. And George knows that Zoe knew and pretty much every relationship we've watched development over the course of this first season has been ruined. At least for now, although not according to Lemon.

It actually fits her personality perfectly that she'd be unable to accept George's final words. She lives her entire life in a kind of denial, still believing Bluebell is all there is in the world and that her affair with Lavon was never that big of a deal, even if viewers know better and there are clearly feelings between the two.

You know, like how George clearly has feelings for Zoe. That's why he got so upset at her. You can't really be hurt by someone unless you really care about him/her. That's been my biggest problem with Hart of Dixie: I never bought George and Lemon. At all. Not one bit. Not one iota. Granted, I don't buy Lemon and Lavon, either, and think Lemon sort of sucks as a character and can't imagine why anyone would date her, but... where was I?

Right. George and Zoe. I'm on Team Wade because he and Zoe are simply more fun together, but I'm also fine with the show pursuing the other relationship possibility (although... Goe? Ducker? They'd need to work on their couple nickname...), as long as it isn't dragged out too painfully.

I don't wanna see George now take another few weeks to forgive Zoe. Her silence - okay, her outright lies - over Lemon and Lavon really were understandable. Let's hope George comes to that determination once he gets some sleep, gets some perspective and realizes: YES! He no longer has to marry Lemon!

Elsewhere, Wade's outburst at Zoe did not feel earned. I understand he may have simply been channeling some frustration toward his brother at the doc (was this use of Justin Hartley satisfactory, Smallville fans? I never watched that show, so I can't speak to his capabilities, but HoD didn't seem to ask much of the guest star), but he certainly sounded like he meant it during his confrontation with Zoe.

He's probably just hurt that she has chosen George, but I really didn't see where he was coming from. As Zoe herself has noted, how many single options are there in Bluebell?!? She went for a vet because he asked her out and she didn't even go for Jesse. They never even went on a date!

Why didn't Zoe choose Wade? Maybe because he prances around with other women in front of her. Maybe because he can be rather rude. Most likely because the writers simply wanted to extend the tension between this pair. But definitely NOT because he's a lowly bartender. That's not a vibe Zoe has ever given off or an avenue the show has hinted at. The accusation here felt quite random, and really says a lot more about how Wade sees himself than how Zoe does.

So... Wade is hurt and angry. George is hurt and angry. Zoe is sad and lonely. Lavon is apologetic and ashamed. Lemon is in denial. Not exactly a positive state for the characters, but a very positive one for Hart of Dixie. Now viewers get to sit back and wonder how each situation will be resolved, starting with this:

Do you think George and Lemon will actually get married?


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I'm on team Wade all the way! He's hurt and the only way he know how to get his feelings out, is by yelling and acting all big and smart, hurting someone to not deal with the feelings he has inside. I love Wade simple as that - and I will justify all the crazy, stupid things he does! TEAM WADE!


Didn't Particularly enjoy the episode but I'm biased because I want Zoe with Wade. Sick of Lemon don't want her with Lavon. Hope the writers get it together.


Did everyone forget the time Zoe tried to confront Wade with their mutual atraction, which resulted in Wade gloating about his bet against Zoe and the Vet? Like many, I think Wade's rant was more a reflection of his own insecurities and frustration about himself. It's easier to blame the other than admit that you're too scared to put yourself out there. I wouldn't mind a second season, if the writers keep it up like this episode, but I wonder how in hell they'll make Zoe's stay in Bluebell believable?!

Sarah silva

I love Rachel Bilson and this was one of my favorite shows of the season until the last few weeks then it has lacked something. If they can make the last few episode as good as the start was then I would like to see it come back, other wise I would be fine with it being cancelled.

Sarah silva

Having recorded the show and watched it tonight before the Ringer finale I have decided that HOD had potential but I am 100% fine if they cancel it, CW KEEP RINGER.
I was very disapointed in this episode. I do not want Zoe and George to get togther, I was not surprised that he was mad at Zoe, however he would have been pissed at her if she would have told him and accused her of not wanting him to marry Lemon so she screwed either way!
I am not liking where they are taking Wade's character, he has turned mean when it comes to Zoe, his rude outburst about her was uncalled for and then to tell her that he meant it! I was on team Wade but now I am not wanting to see Zoe with anyone. So that is one of the reasons I have gone from loving HOD to disliking it. So I really want them to cancel HOD and keep Ringer. Depending on how the rest of the season goes for Secret Circle I may be fine with that getting cancelled too!


Spread the word about Hart Of Dixie! IT might be canceled very soon! And make sure to watch it Mondays 9/8c on the CW. This way it will help the ratings! I would be very sad if this show went off the air. :(


I just wanted to come back and see what everybody had to say and I couldn't agree more - this was such a great episode. The thing that I liked the most in all honesty was that the whole cheating storyline finally came to a close or at least became a reason it was even written into the show. We're up to episode 18 now so it's about time! The primary focus being on that, silly events and love storylines that had no depth was killing me so gosh, I'm so glad another good episode finally happened. I swear the last episode I actually liked if I'm honest was probably the little cliff-hanger between Zoe and Wade during the mid-season break at Christmas.


This episode was great! This was an example of how well the writers can do when they try to give us something other than those crazy town events. The best thing though is the fact that during the last 2 episodes I have actually enjoyed Lemon. If the show stays on this path I might end up loving Lemon (*gasp*). I also enjoy the Wade/Zoe/George/(Jesse) action, even if I don't think the writers are doing Wade justice. But that's the thing about this show, it has potential, it just doesn't use it enough.


Part 3: (I'm done now): Interesting things on TV! More of that kind of thing, please!


Part 2: Yet he fails to acknowledge his own emotional affair with Zoe and his own reluctance to fully commit to Lemon. Takes two to tango, George; he needs to start accepting responsibility for his own circumstances in life. I'm tired of being TOLD he's the Nice Guy Who's Perfect for Zoe. I don't see it. IMO, Wade is the nice guy; George has the superficial appearance of being one. Wade realizes his faults and is trying to improve (slowly, not always successfully) both as a romantic option and for his own future outside of Zoe. That kind of character growth is something I want to see in a show. George is boring in more ways than one. That said, this episode just demonstrated to me once again how very much I'd love to see Zoe and Lemon actually become friends instead of this forced rivalry between them. This show would benefit from less focus on love triangles and more organic development of other kinds of relationships. For example, the Zoe/Lavon friendship is one of the more interesting and enjoyable things on TV.

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