Justin Hartley on Hart of Dixie: First Look!

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Forget Team George or Team Wade and prepare to climb on board... Team Jesse?

With Hart of Dixie set to return this Monday - check out photos of Gary Cole as Zoe's father now! - The CW has released the first pictures from this show's April 16 installment "Bachelorettes & Bullets," which will mark the debut of Justin Hartley as Jesse, a patient who catches a certain doctor's eye - and possibly other body parts.

It's not difficult to see why, is it? Check out these episode images of Hartley now:

Justin Hartley as Jesse
Jesse and Zoe
A New Love Interest

The episode will center on Lemon's bachelorette party, along with a hunting trip planned for George by Wade. But it should be most interesting to see how these two react to someone new in Zoe's life.

Hartley, meanwhile, will stick around The CW this fall. He's set to anchor First Cut, a promising medical drama pilot that also stars Mamie Gummer and Jack Coleman.

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Yes, she needs another option as while I like George a lot, he is too much like Zoe (and part of her doing this whole thing was to change enough that she had the bedside manner that she has been told she is lacking to get a New York residency) and Wade doesn't seem willing to explore any of his own feelings until there is an actual threat. It would be nice to see that threat be less of the push over than Jensen was.


this couldn't get any hotter!??? AMAZING! they look amazing together\!

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