Hart of Dixie Review: A Disenchanted Forest

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A bear may have been loose in the woods on this Hart of Dixie episode, but meow... purr... other feline noises.

Did you hear those? The real trouble got started on "Bachelorettes & Bullets" once the cat was officially let out of the bag.

A New Love Interest

Yes, George Tucker now knows. And Zoe knows George knows. And George knows that Zoe knew and pretty much every relationship we've watched development over the course of this first season has been ruined. At least for now, although not according to Lemon.

It actually fits her personality perfectly that she'd be unable to accept George's final words. She lives her entire life in a kind of denial, still believing Bluebell is all there is in the world and that her affair with Lavon was never that big of a deal, even if viewers know better and there are clearly feelings between the two.

You know, like how George clearly has feelings for Zoe. That's why he got so upset at her. You can't really be hurt by someone unless you really care about him/her. That's been my biggest problem with Hart of Dixie: I never bought George and Lemon. At all. Not one bit. Not one iota. Granted, I don't buy Lemon and Lavon, either, and think Lemon sort of sucks as a character and can't imagine why anyone would date her, but... where was I?

Right. George and Zoe. I'm on Team Wade because he and Zoe are simply more fun together, but I'm also fine with the show pursuing the other relationship possibility (although... Goe? Ducker? They'd need to work on their couple nickname...), as long as it isn't dragged out too painfully.

I don't wanna see George now take another few weeks to forgive Zoe. Her silence - okay, her outright lies - over Lemon and Lavon really were understandable. Let's hope George comes to that determination once he gets some sleep, gets some perspective and realizes: YES! He no longer has to marry Lemon!

Elsewhere, Wade's outburst at Zoe did not feel earned. I understand he may have simply been channeling some frustration toward his brother at the doc (was this use of Justin Hartley satisfactory, Smallville fans? I never watched that show, so I can't speak to his capabilities, but HoD didn't seem to ask much of the guest star), but he certainly sounded like he meant it during his confrontation with Zoe.

He's probably just hurt that she has chosen George, but I really didn't see where he was coming from. As Zoe herself has noted, how many single options are there in Bluebell?!? She went for a vet because he asked her out and she didn't even go for Jesse. They never even went on a date!

Why didn't Zoe choose Wade? Maybe because he prances around with other women in front of her. Maybe because he can be rather rude. Most likely because the writers simply wanted to extend the tension between this pair. But definitely NOT because he's a lowly bartender. That's not a vibe Zoe has ever given off or an avenue the show has hinted at. The accusation here felt quite random, and really says a lot more about how Wade sees himself than how Zoe does.

So... Wade is hurt and angry. George is hurt and angry. Zoe is sad and lonely. Lavon is apologetic and ashamed. Lemon is in denial. Not exactly a positive state for the characters, but a very positive one for Hart of Dixie. Now viewers get to sit back and wonder how each situation will be resolved, starting with this:

Do you think George and Lemon will actually get married?


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This ep was much better than recent ones, if only because something finally happened. However, I still feel like Z's a secondary character on the L/G/L Show. W barely rates as a guest star these days, so it's nice to see him get some development. While I agree that his outburst says more about his own sense of self, and probably his relationship with his brother, I can see where he's coming from. Whether that's because of the whiplash characterization the writers have forced on Z (she wants him! she doesn't! they're friends! they're enemies! she'll get a drink with him after xmas! she's pining after G!) or a misperception of her behavior, that is how he sees her choices. I think his feelings are realistic, if not truly fair and delivered rather cruelly. I still can't get behind G's reactions and behavior towards L, though. So she failed to tell him something she herself was in denial over. Something that happened when he essentially abandoned her while stringing her along. Yet he fails to acknowledge his own emotional affair with Z and his own reluctance to fully commit to L. Takes two to tango, G.


This episode was great. There were tons of relationship developments, which is especially wonderful for a show like HoD where almost nothing happens, ever, that doesn't have to do with the town being oh so quirky. I think everybody's reactions to everything were more or less perfect. On a slightly different note; everyone who says Wade doesn't have a right to be angry because he never really asked Zoe out is completely wrong. At the end of the Christmas episode, he very seriously asked her to go out for a drink and she turned him down. He didn't seem upset at that time, but he clearly has been pining for her for a while and she really doesn't take him as seriously as she should. And how can she be turning him down? The man is built like a Greek god.


Well I think Wade was completly right telling zoe off. I mean she treated him like garbage most of the time and he stuck around, and suddenly she decides well maybe he is a nice guy but sorry no boyfriend material because he´s just the town-drunk´s barkeeper son.
Besides his brother clearly is a douche. Giving their dad a car because he needs one. I like how the show achieves to dive into all the characters. I really hope there will be a second season to explore them further.

Uss biddle dlg 34

That was the most half wit 0-30 minutes on tv this year .....Strike 2 UNwatchable !! Glad I DVRed and able to FF most of that junk . Magnolia has no reason for being ... Zoe is a bigger loser in love every week. Week to week !!!


@lilau : i had the same thought when I saw Lemon and Wade together on that episode. They're definately opposites, but then she was able to have fun with him...


I agree that Wade never really asked Zoe out. The reason why I am not team Wade is because he was always an immature jackass around her. He always seemed more interested in playing pranks on her than seriously be with her. At least George was able to show Zoe that he appreciated and trusted her. Looking at the promos for next week, seems like he'll be able to forgive her. So basically I have to be team George because Wade is acting like a child. yes, they have got chemistry, but their relationship is superficial. She doesn't confide in him like she does George.


You know what else I liked about this episode? Annabeth. I like how much backbone she's grown. I also like how Lemon and Zoe bond. It's so weird, but I think Zoe is Lemon's best friend. She's the only one to stand up to her and subsequently the only person Lemon opens up to and tells the real story. That preview were George and Zoe are on the verge of kissing - I think Zoe's going to say no because she's betraying Lemon. Also George thinks scoring with Zoe would be the thing that would hurt Lemon the most. Zoe's not going to let him use her like that. Is she? I hope not.


Am I the only one who wanted Jesse to say "challenge accepted" when Wade dared him to come back to Bluebell to take care of Crazy Earl? I really liked that character and I want him to come back. A lot. I love how he lit a fire under Wade and gave Zoe something to do besides moon over George. I liked how he helped Zoe find the hunting party. I liked Wade having a reason for staying in Bluebell other than lack of ambition. He stayed to take care of his dad when he was clearly capable of so much more. That back story helps me see him as less Peter Pan and more grown up making the best of a bad situation. We hadn't seen that before. Also, Jesse's easy on the eyes. Just sayin'.


I really love the ep when Wade and Lemon team up together... I like them together more than Zoe and Wade and Georges and Lemon


Leanne - but Zoe was drunk when she hooked up with Wade. I think he probably thinks it doesn't count. I understand his anger....but he's never just come out and asked her out on a date. Zoe is also in denial about her chemistry with Wade. She sees George as this golden boy, good guy.
In the previews for next week she runs off after him to New Orleans and they apparently kiss. That's all fine and dandy but you have to see this as total rebound for him. So soon after he breaks it off with his fiance. Not very stable.
I'm team Wade all the way and I have a feeling he and Zoe will come back around to each other.

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