Hawaii Five-O, NCIS: Los Angeles to Team Up For April 30-May 1 Crossover Event

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Hawaii Five-O and NCIS: Los Angeles are gearing up for another crossover event.

On April 30, the action begins on H5O, carrying over to NCIS: LA the next night.

The next Hawaii Five-O, entitled “Pa Make Loa,” brings NCIS agents Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and Sam (LL Cool J) to Hawaii when there’s a suspect on the loose who is threatening to release a deadly virus into the population.

Agents Callen and Hanna

Then, the joint task force travels from Hawaii to Los Angeles when the lead suspect in the case moves to the mainland with the deadly virus in tow on an NCIS: Los Angeles episode entitled "Touch of Death."

Danny (Scott Caan) and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) make the trip from H5O.

Fun fact: The translation of "Pa Make Loa" is ... "Touch of Death."

Both shows are on a break until the two-part crossover event.

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No, pare che sia la versione per Wii. Intendo per il tuo stourpe per la grafica di questo gioco! Ma non mi basta, ora vado a vedere qualche video e a scoprire qualcosa sul gioco. Poi vedr se merita anche in altri campi al di fuori della grafica. Spero di si per !


Anybody know what is meant by "Alex McLoughlin's health is more important?" Share the info, please.


I watched the last thirty minutes of this program called “Pa Make Loa�, I don’t like Hawaii five to start with as the took a very good old show and make a reality show out of it then they had to get another reality show LA NCIS and add it to it. I thought I was watching Jersey Shore without the little short midget dries up piece of leather on it. Hawaii five of and LA NCIS is the very bottom on shows. Along with some more I can name. I have never watched a complete show of either one of these.


I hope that most of H50 fans are NCIS LA fans too and vice versa, this way maybe we can hope for another crossover, this time with the whole team from both sides. It would be really great.


Lena....I hope they do another crossover with Alex included, but they are hard to schedule and are expensive. I hope that Brennan and Lenkov can do it. I know I will miss Alex in this, but I can't wait to see Callen and Sam in Hawaii.


Have seen the first BTS pics of 2.22 and Alex looks amazing!!!! There are also spoilers about what happend in the episode!!


If it turns out that the ratings will be good for both shows in these cross-over I could definitely see that next season we also get a cross-over both Shane Brennan and Peter Lenkov have said that there is the possibility of more cross-overs in the future! I keep hope that we get some day to see that Steve and Sam finally will meet each other again!


@Zia - I don't think it will be another crossover either. Too bad, it would have been nice to see Steve in it, but his health is more important. He would have been compatible with the NCIS guys/girls. Kensi would have flirted with him, to make Deeks jealous :)


@Martinelli.....There is a lot of bits and pieces being given here and there, I guess they are trying to keep people interested because of all the re-runs. You have 2 pictures of Callen, Sam, Danny, and Chin on your blog I haven't seen yet. Even though Steve is not in this, I'm still excited to see these 2 shows together. I hope there is another opportunity in the future for another one, but I doubt there will be. I think these are hard for them to schedule.


@Zia - Thank you for the information. To tell you the truth I've seen the spoiler and the pictures too but I guess I wasn't paying enough attention, shame on me. Unfortunately CBS is blocking almost all the new information for my country (press releases, spoilers etc.) so I have to gather them from elsewhere :(

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