Hawaii Five-O Review: Taking Out the Trash

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"Ha'alele:" Abandoned

Allow me to start with the elephant in the room. This episode is the first of two episodes that will be affected by Alex O’Loughlin’s absence. That said, I have to give a nod to the writers and production staff for doing such a great job of adjusting this episode to deal with the missing McGarrett. I'm sure I speak for a lot of use when I say that I hope O'Loughlin's time off has helped him and I look forward to his return. 

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the amount of information we got on Max this week! What a revealing episode for him. When Masi Oka first joined the cast as Max Bergman back in Season One, I really didn't like the character at all. He was too quirky, the OCD and eccentricities really turned me off the character. 

Chin at Work

What a long way we've come since then. Max has softened and they toned down his bazaar nature into more a “geeky” nature (his license plate is Warp 9 after all).

And after nearly two seasons on the show, we finally learned the answer to the question I asked when he started - why he is Asian but have the last name "Bergman." The answer was simple: he was adopted. 

But then again, the answer wasn’t really simple was it? Not when his mother was a victim of the “Trash Man”. Max has been obsessed with the case ever since.

I really enjoyed the quid pro quo of Max asking Five-O to open the case as payment for the case he reopened for them. It showed depth and character that I would not have expected in 2010. 

Speaking of quid pro quo – Kamekona’s missing shrimp truck seemed a bit tacked on. While it did offer some mild comedic relief, Danny’s initial rudeness to Kamekona had my wife commenting on what an ass he is.

How many times has Kamekona stepped up for Five-O? Danny should have at least picked up the phone and gotten some officers dedicated to the case for the man!

Thankfully Danny eased up a bit on the jackass-ery and recruited Chin Ho and Kono to help him find Kamekona’s truck, making everything right with him and team again. Except for Max, who went to pick Richard Branch (the man accused of being the serial killer) from jail. 

I understood Max’s need to help Richard when he knew he was not the killer. Just as I’m sure that killing the real killer went a long way to making it feel like there was justice (or revenge) for his biological mother's death.

Losing a parent is hard, I can't imagine it would be easier on Max just because he didn't know his biological mother, just less direct emotions. I hope that helping Richard gave Max some closure on his mother's death. 

Ironically, for having started as a character I disliked, Max truly redeemed himself this week. He is even featured in a few of the most memorable Hawaii Five-O quotes from the episode! 

What did you think of Danny’s first turn as lead dog? Did you miss McGarrett the character or Alex the actor? Can you make it through one more episode without him? Comment below!


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@martinelli, yes I keep praying that Adam's not dirty like Hiro was. I mean my theory is that Adam just wants to kill Wo Fat but Steve needs him alive for answers, infuriating Adam. But seriously when Adam talked Japanese to Hiro over the phone... My God that voice, or maybe it was just me haha. @jschoi, yea there's basically no info on Kono. I would like to see Kono have a party girl past, that's always fun for me, and Danny and Steve could bag her out for that.


I wish we had more of Konos background, we known very little about her except she was a pro surfer. I'm a bit disappointed that they chose to do an ep on Maxs background, in my opinion a minor character, before they did one on Kono.


@HFO - Yes, Let's hope Adam is not bad. I keep convincing myself of that. I think if he would have been dirty, he wouldn't have treated H50 as he did. They have the same goal. if Wo Fat is in jail his father can come out of hiding. I can't wait to see how Steve is going to cuff Wo Fat.


@jschoi, yea I've always thought that since Steve has done stuff out of work with Chin and Danny, it would make sense if he trained her in sniping. I'm sure I speak for alot of you guys when I say BRING ON THE LAST THREE EPISODES. Though I might cry if P Lenkov gives us another season finale cliffhanger


@martinelli, yep Sam and G's bromance is probably the only one on TV that even comes close to Mcdanno banter.
Well I'm looking at the press release and I see Brian Yang's name YES fong's in the episode. I hope he doesn't just get one line, that's so cheap. Come on Adam and Kono, I'm praying that he isn't bad, like seriously


@HFO....Love sniper Kono, I had never thought of Steve teaching her, I like that. My thought was she grew up hunting on the island with her male cousins, Chin, Sid etc. But I like Steve teaching her better, or maybe a combination, she had the basic skills from hunting and Steve refined them.


@HFO - Sam has a great humor and I'm sure there will be some memorable moments ans we are going to have fun moments. I'm glad they included Kamekona too :)


@Zia - He really looks great. I can see he is better. I don't know about the addiction but at least he's not that skinny any more and he looks relaxed. He's the heart of the show, he must be ok and also must come back soon. Without H50 is not the same.


Yea there weren't any promo pics of her so I was scared that she wouldn't be in the episode. Love sharpshooter Kono, it emphasizes her badassery. I wonder if Steve taught her those sniper skills though, that would be a great mentor protege thing seeing as Steve's quite the specialist sniper himself.
I think Sam/Danny and Deeks/Danny would produces the laughs for us, even Sam knows you shouldn't wear a tie in Hawaii LOL. I miss Steve alot but love the fact that Chin gets his time in the spotlight, all we need now is a few Kono episodes and the back half of the season wouldve made up for the disappointing first half for me


@Martinelli....took another look at the 2.22 pictures before I leave for work. I'm so glad we have our McG back in action. It's been a rough few weeks for him, but he's back on track and looks happy. All of us AOL fans could not be happier.

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Danny: Sit down, don't stand up again.
Cal: Look I was working last night, you can check with my manager.
Danny: Ok, I'm going to check with your manager and if I find out you're lying to me, I'm going to come back here and put you in a mayonnaise jar.

Chin Ho: Hey, where's McGarrett?
Danny: He left a "Dear Danny" note on my desk this morning, he's off looking for Shelburn again.