Hawaii Five-O Review: Taking Out the Trash

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"Ha'alele:" Abandoned

Allow me to start with the elephant in the room. This episode is the first of two episodes that will be affected by Alex O’Loughlin’s absence. That said, I have to give a nod to the writers and production staff for doing such a great job of adjusting this episode to deal with the missing McGarrett. I'm sure I speak for a lot of use when I say that I hope O'Loughlin's time off has helped him and I look forward to his return. 

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the amount of information we got on Max this week! What a revealing episode for him. When Masi Oka first joined the cast as Max Bergman back in Season One, I really didn't like the character at all. He was too quirky, the OCD and eccentricities really turned me off the character. 

Chin at Work

What a long way we've come since then. Max has softened and they toned down his bazaar nature into more a “geeky” nature (his license plate is Warp 9 after all).

And after nearly two seasons on the show, we finally learned the answer to the question I asked when he started - why he is Asian but have the last name "Bergman." The answer was simple: he was adopted. 

But then again, the answer wasn’t really simple was it? Not when his mother was a victim of the “Trash Man”. Max has been obsessed with the case ever since.

I really enjoyed the quid pro quo of Max asking Five-O to open the case as payment for the case he reopened for them. It showed depth and character that I would not have expected in 2010. 

Speaking of quid pro quo – Kamekona’s missing shrimp truck seemed a bit tacked on. While it did offer some mild comedic relief, Danny’s initial rudeness to Kamekona had my wife commenting on what an ass he is.

How many times has Kamekona stepped up for Five-O? Danny should have at least picked up the phone and gotten some officers dedicated to the case for the man!

Thankfully Danny eased up a bit on the jackass-ery and recruited Chin Ho and Kono to help him find Kamekona’s truck, making everything right with him and team again. Except for Max, who went to pick Richard Branch (the man accused of being the serial killer) from jail. 

I understood Max’s need to help Richard when he knew he was not the killer. Just as I’m sure that killing the real killer went a long way to making it feel like there was justice (or revenge) for his biological mother's death.

Losing a parent is hard, I can't imagine it would be easier on Max just because he didn't know his biological mother, just less direct emotions. I hope that helping Richard gave Max some closure on his mother's death. 

Ironically, for having started as a character I disliked, Max truly redeemed himself this week. He is even featured in a few of the most memorable Hawaii Five-O quotes from the episode! 

What did you think of Danny’s first turn as lead dog? Did you miss McGarrett the character or Alex the actor? Can you make it through one more episode without him? Comment below!


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@martinelli. I don't expect them to give us what we want because there are too many varied opinions on that and I think that is half of the problem in season 2. They tried to please the fans. But which fans were they trying to please. A handful of online fans out of an audience of millions. I wonder if Lori's problem wasn't down to the fans complaining non stop and they kept trying to change her. Lori suffered from bad writing but so have all of them imo, especially Danny. I don't really mind what direction they go in once they do it well, but there has been no direction this season, no follow up to many episodes and some terrible writing and plots. Chin and especially Kono has been ignored, and even MORE so since Lori left so I wonder if they have realised their mistakes at all. They neglect 2 of their main characters and overdo the McDanno. There really isn't any basis for their bromance at this stage. We've had no build up of friendship, just forced banter that is becoming increasingly tiresome. I really do hope that things change in season 3.
The last 2 episodes look awesome but I'd like to be able to enjoy the entire season and not just a hanful of episodes.


I am willing to let the mistakes of this season go, it's probably just second year syndrome anyways. But we need to learn more about Kono's past, it's like the writers hate her or something.
As long as H50 keeps on pulling in the numbers, we'll have a veteran show on our hands


@martinelli....The last time Danny mention Gabby was in 2.16 where he said to Steve he needs to buy her a present which he forgot to do for Valetine's Day! I think the problem is when some main characters get a love interest they don't can keep them for the show some get other offers to play in other series which is understandable they took what Clair vd Boom and Autumm Reeser did. Looking at the promo pics for 2.22 make me proud of Alex it is admirable what he shows in these pics so soon after leaving rehab a big applause for him.


@martinelli...well lets hope season 3 is kono's season. I think it might be. But you are right they have not followed through too much this season. I am giving them a reprieve, I think they got distracted trying to change things too much but it seems they are back on track. It seems they have realized to let the main characters on this show shine. It is what the fans want. Maybe we will see malia again before the season ends and maybe even dannys GF. It is not over yet. But if not we have season 3. Every successful show has had one season that was off or not the fave season so hopefully they got it over with early on and the seasons to come will be where they shine. I just hope we have many many more to look forward to.


@Amazingalex - I don't know what to say. As I can see they don't really care much about continuance. Malia is history, Danny's family is long forgotten ... he was dating that museum lady once but we have no idea if they are together or not. I told this before, I don't expect them to be in every episode, but at leas give the characters the chance to at least mention their loved ones in a conversation. Kono's past is a compete mystery. Season 2 is almost over and we know nothing about her, except that she's Chin's cousin and that she was a professional surfer. We don't even know if she has parents or siblings.


@martinelli..thank goodness for season 3!! I think they have learned from their mistakes and we will have a great new season to look forward to. I am hoping we will get more kono next season. She is the only one we have not seen more of in regards to her past. I am thinking that season 3 she will get a love interest since that was the plan this season till alex took time off. I am personally willing to forgive the things I did not like about season 2. Bring on the last two steve filled episodes, I am more then ready!!! And then on to the new season!! woo hoo!


@Kelly - I know it's hard to please everyone, we (H50 fans) have different expectations but season 1 was really good. Season 2 was a mix of mistakes. I hope after 2 seasons they know what we want and expect from them. The original show lasted, I'd like this one to last too.


I was just looking at the pics again for 2.22 and I love the one where steve is kicking the crap out of wo fat. What a great pic!! I gotta give alex props for being able to do that move, that is not easy. Steve is def gonna win this showdown and I cannot wait!! @zia..Yup you are right, that is our super seal. He is gonna prevail!! Woo hoo!!!


"you are right. Most of season 2 has been disappointing. Bad choices, poor scripts, sometimes bad acting etc. I hope they've learnt their lesson and are smart enough not to make the same mistakes again." I hope so Martinelli and hopefully the season will end on a good note with 2 very exciting episodes. I preferred the first half of the season. I know Lori was badly introduced but the stories seemed better overall. I've just watched episode 2.16 here in the UK and it was one of the better episodes of the season. I even enjoyed Lori in it. But since episode 2.10 its been very disappointing. Poor scripts and plots. Too many guest stars, underdeveloped main characters, and too much silly dialogue from Danny. I hope they improve on their writing and plots for next season and we get more Chin and Kono and Steve gets some good material, because when he does, the show rocks.


@jschoi - You have a point. We know about Steve's background, about Chin and Danno's but we know little about Kono. I guess it's tine for Kono to have one episode.

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Danny: Sit down, don't stand up again.
Cal: Look I was working last night, you can check with my manager.
Danny: Ok, I'm going to check with your manager and if I find out you're lying to me, I'm going to come back here and put you in a mayonnaise jar.

Chin Ho: Hey, where's McGarrett?
Danny: He left a "Dear Danny" note on my desk this morning, he's off looking for Shelburn again.