Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

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Next Tuesday, April 10, NCIS is back with a new episode in which Tony and Ziva join Ziva’s longtime friend and mentor in Colombia in a search for a missing Marine Lieutenant and Navy Chaplain.

Also appearing next week, according to CBS' press release? Jamie Lee Curtis!

Karina Lombard guest stars as retired Interpol Agent Monique Lisson, with whom Ziva has a strong bond we'll learn more about for the first time, while Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan.

Dr. Ryan

Also, the countdown to the first NCIS wedding has officially begun! Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) reveals his best man ... who do you think it will be? One of the guys? Or someone new entirely?

Oh, and the title of this episode? "The Missionary Position." Yes, really.

Excited to see JLC back? Share your thoughts on these teasers below!

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I went looking for a site to see if JLC was going to be on NCIS and I came across this site. I did not watch most of last season because I cannot stand JLC on this show. Her character is horrible and I TURN THE CHANNEL because I can't stand watching her. LEAVE HER OFF THE SHOW FOR GOOD.


i hope they have jlc as a love interest in gibbs. she is the perfect match in skills and brains.


I cannot stand JLC on NCIS. We love that show but when she is on there we switch to another channel. She has her nose up so high and her fake boobs always
showing it makes me gag. Don't bring her back.


Forgot why I stopped watching NCIS (even took it off the DVR list), and tonight, I caught a rerun on CBS. Now I remember why I stopped watching it. I can't stand Jamie Lee Curtis. I read forums, and some folks talk about good chemistry between Gibbs and curtis' charactor. What the heck are they watching??? I can't stand that a "psychologist" is asking tech questions regarding NCIS investigations. Her charactor is so unbelievablely contrived, she has the same smug look and that's the only expression that she can make on the show. If you study her characters, she's actually not a great actress... I guess I'll start watching again when I hear that she is no longer on it.


As much as I love the show, there's a hesitation to my anticipation when I think of JLC presented as a love interest. I agree with the general impression that there is no chemistry there. She is too sternly masculine, presenting no counterpart to his persona. Frankly, she looks like Gibbs in drag. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And her angular edges continue in her character. I don't see why Gibbs finds her appealing mentally, psychologically or physically. Rather than a balance, she's just Gibbs in a skirt.


I always liked Jamie Lee Curtis in movies but she is absolutly HORRIBLE in NCIS. Please get rid of her so I can enjoy the show again. I can't stand watching episodes with her in them. She is not a good fit for the show.


I am glad I am not the only one, Jamie Lee Curtis, I like her, just not on NCIS,I can't even watch Activia commercials anymore cause it reminds me of how bad her character is on NCIS. No one cares if Gibbs gets a girlfriend except for that CID Colonel,she didn't fit either, but this show has a knack for casting the wrong women outside of the regulars, love Ziva, Kate was great, even better on Rizzoli and Isles, Abby lover her, but the Dr for Tony, and then the other NCIS agent, already forgot her forgettable character name. Anyway,please let JLC go..


I thought the electricity between Gibbs/Ryan crackled on screen. Curtis takes a pleasant show with very likeable, very predictable characters and takes it to a whole nother level. Her character is secretive, plays head games, has an uncertain agenda of her own. Gibbs is no Ken, and the Barbie the majority seem to want to fix him up with would be so boring. Gibbs/Ryan isn't dinner and a movie, it's a fencing match. With real edges. Come on, even McDonald's adds a new flavor to the formula menu every now and then.


NCIS is my favorite show, I will not watch NCIS anymore if Jamie Lee curtis stay, since JLC showed up I forced myself to watch the last season and it's torture, I can;t stand it...... please....please...please..... get rid of her for good! Director Jenny Shepard was perfect for Gibbs.


My family and I have enjoyed NCIS since inception. Each of the entertainers are exceptional and gifted. Each and everyone deserve awards!! It would be great to see Tony and Ziva either continue their affections toward one another and, or get involved. In regards to Jamie Lee Curtis, I do not think that she is not a good choice for NCIS. It is my opinion that JLC is better suited for commercials. NCIS is a fantastic show. Kudos to all the originals. Bring back Frank!!