Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

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Next Tuesday, April 10, NCIS is back with a new episode in which Tony and Ziva join Ziva’s longtime friend and mentor in Colombia in a search for a missing Marine Lieutenant and Navy Chaplain.

Also appearing next week, according to CBS' press release? Jamie Lee Curtis!

Karina Lombard guest stars as retired Interpol Agent Monique Lisson, with whom Ziva has a strong bond we'll learn more about for the first time, while Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan.

Dr. Ryan

Also, the countdown to the first NCIS wedding has officially begun! Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) reveals his best man ... who do you think it will be? One of the guys? Or someone new entirely?

Oh, and the title of this episode? "The Missionary Position." Yes, really.

Excited to see JLC back? Share your thoughts on these teasers below!

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PLEASE GET RID OF jamie lee curtis. i normally make time for all the shows when they are on and have seen reruns numerous times!! love most of the cast from the beginning, old and new. jamie lee "gags" me. she needs to go back to selling "activia" she is no match with the cast of NCIS!!! ALL WRONG FOR GIBBS AND JUST DOESNT FIT!! when she is in the show i just flip th channel while she is in a scene. i am 72 and had never watched the show until the reruns came on and then i was"hooked". PLEASE GIVE US A BREAK ANDFIND A BETTER FIT THE NEXT TIME YOU BRING SOMEONE NEW TO THE CAST. THANKS FOR LISTENING. I LOVE THE SHOWS "MINUS" JLC.


I am SOOOOOOOOOOO hoping you don't plan any more episodes with JLC. While I like her in movies, she is all wrong for NCIS. Whenever I see that she is in an episode, I change the channel. JLC on NCIS is like fingernails scratching a blackboard...a VERY unpleasant experience. She looks too old to be Gibbs' girlfriend. She's not even a redhead! I thought he had better taste in women. But worse, she comes across as controlling, condescending, flippant and bossy. I can't believe that you believe we would fall for ANY woman lasting longer than two minutes with Gibbs if she has JLC's attitude. *knocking on the door to your ivory tower* Wake up in there! Give us back our in-charge Gibbs and get rid of JLC. Otherwise, I will have to learn to watch something else on Tuesdays at 8:00.


I love NICS I really don't care if JLC is on the show just don't take it off. I don't think she is the one but just keep The show going. Plus he still to much in love with his first wife for them to stay together to long.


I hate losing out on watching NCIS. It's been my favorite show for many years. But with Jamie Lee Curtis on there, I have not been watching. I have never liked her as an actor, and do not feel she adds anything good to the show. I do not mind the Gibbs character having a love interest, but her? That story line just does not do anything for me. If they would get rid of her, I would never miss another episode.


I am sorry. I have nothing but love for JLC but no....she's a horrible addition to this cast and i dont watch the episodes with her in it. I got through about ten minutes of the first one and shut it off. what about the blonde woman? JLC has ZERO chemistry with any of the cast. She may want to consider dying her hair because she looks about 65. I miss Lauren Holley. She was a match. His boss and strong. And sexual tension galore. these two together..make me a little sick.


I have nothing but respect for Jamie Lee Curtis.
However, when it comes to Gibbs, she just doesn't seem like a good match. And, I don't like the endless amount of boring dialogue that she brings to an NCIS episode. I am sorry, but it just isn't working. Susanna Thompson, as Col. Mann, was a better match, wasn't so arrogant, and didn't degrade the rest of the team.


Sad to say but NCIS has been slipping down the last 2 seasons. Not every episode but many are sub-par. Getting rid of Michael Franks was a major major mistake. All NCIS fans loved the episodes he was in with Gibbs.Who at CBS thought this was a great idea? Then having Jamie Lee Curtis as Gibb's love interest....it's painful to watch...no chemistry whatsoever. The lady who plays the Coast Guard leader-her name slips my mind-would be an excellent fit. Come on NCIS we love the show let's get it back on track.


PLEASE no more love scenes with JLC and our Gibbs! They can be friends but as a couple this is a train wreck. I have heard from several friends that they won't watch if they pair these two. Bring back feisty attorney Hart or perhaps the Madam,for hot flings but there is NOTHING HOT absolutely about our Gibbs and JLC!!!!!!!!! TBTB, you're making a big mistake with this.


I don't want Gibbs with Dr Sam Ryan, she manipulate people and is not to be trusted. If Gibbs has a relationship it should be with Retired Lt. Col. Mann.


So a woman who is age appropriate, strong, and a forceful personality is "yuk" and all wrong for Gibbs? She apparently looks like his mother and is an emasculating shrew...Aaaargh! Pathetic. Totally pathetic.