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Becca has received a lot of leeway considering she's not a part of the CIA anymore. At the end of last week's episode, "A Busy Solitude," she and Giancarlo were finally taken into custody for all of the illegal things they have been doing in order to get Michael back on Missing.

In "A Measure of a Man," one of the head honchos at the CIA decided it was time to put a stop to this. I'm going to fully admit that for some reason I cannot for the life of me recall her name. If any of you do, feel free to toss it out in the comments. For now, I'll be referring to her as CIA lady. My apologies.

Becca Remembers

Okay, so apparently CIA lady, who I find irritating for some reason, has been doing a lot of research on Becca and her past cases. She thinks Becca not only knows who has her son, but is in on it. There is something darker at work, something more than just a missing kid from the states. There is Suspect Zero. And there is a very strong possibility that the Winstone family is connected to Suspect Zero.

Whether or not Becca had any knowledge of this, it appears that she was involved in more than she realized. Operation Songbird was supposed to be about returning a kid from his abusive father to his mother. Upon arrival, the kid pulled Paul's gun out of his pants and shot his mother in cold blood before running off and jumping into a van. Pictures show that this kid is the same sniper who favors bleach blonde locks and his been following Becca and Michael since she got to Europe.

By the way, did anyone else find is suspicious when the kid was asking Paul so much about his gun in the bathroom? I took notice of that, but initially chalked it up to childlike curiosity. 

The CIA speculation is that Becca and Paul were in on the whole thing and they knew the kid was going to kill his mother and they helped facilitate this. They are unfairly using Becca's foster home upbringing as an excuse for why she might have been on the wrong side of things. Becca is obviously stunned as she realizes the truth of all of this. The father that ordered his kid to shoot the mother was Victor Azimoff, the gangster that Paul had been dealing with.

Victor Azimoff is part of the European crime ring that is run by Suspect Zero. The only reason the CIA doesn't think Azimoff is Suspect Zero is because he is too public. It would need to be someone more private, something who has been off the grid, someone like... Paul Winstone. 

The lines are really blurred between good and bad at this point. Last week, Miller was on Becca's side and suddenly he thinks she could be aiding this crime ring. Then we have Violet who set up Becca's escape and murdered CIA lady. What's up with that? 

At this point we know Becca can trust Giancarlo and maybe Martin. I saw some Twitter speculation that people think maybe Martin is Suspect Zero. It's an interesting theory, but I still feel like there are too many loose wires. 

What do you all think? And where does Michael fit into the scheme of things? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out this week's Missing quotes


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@ PHXcowbot Couldn't agree less. I just came to this showe and watched 6ep's in a row. The acting is so poor (typical casting of agents, bad guys) I knew a few ep in that Sean Bean character would be alive - and voooolia he shows up. If you want better Spy drama - check out some of the British Shows (Spooks/MI5) much better acting and plot development. This show has to be numbered, can't see it lasting with the quality they are producing. It's such a shame, was hoping the Sean Bean would be epic in this!


I think Michael is behind a lot of it. He prob. figured out about his dad being alive (sitting two seats behind him at the game). You don't have two messed up parents and turn out super normal as the writers would like us to believe. I think he struck a deal with Azimoff to get something out of his mom and that is why Azimoff is keeping him alive and his mother. We see how both mother and father have not been their for him... she got distracted and he got lost, he missed his birth... Michael is prob a genius and picked up on his dad's clues and now is playing both of them.


Martin is suspect zero. He now has Michael and Oksasuna.maxim kill azimoff.


@Leigh: "I didn't mention Michael and Oksana because ..." I understand. My comment wasn't meant as a criticism. @Leigh: "Also I think it's suspect as opposed agent because they aren't sure that Zero is part of the CIA or any agency, although it's definitely looking likely. Maybe "agent" isn't the best word, but "suspect" still doesn't fit. Doesn't really matter; there's a good chance we'll be able to pin a name on this person by the end of episode 10. @Leigh: "At this point we know Becca can trust Giancarlo and maybe Martin." On the other hand, Giancarlo will not be on Becca's side next week, assuming the preview isn't feeding us a red herring.

Leigh r

I didn't mention Michael and Oksana because I didn't have all that much to say about it. They were definitely the B story in this episode. There's no clue as to where they are headed. The train could've easily told Miller and Giancarlo that they made a stop at one point, but they failed to mention it which was just lazy. Also I think it's suspect as opposed agent because they aren't sure that Zero is part of the CIA or any agency, although it's definitely looking likely.


Leigh didn't say anything about Michael, Oksana, the big bad guy, and the train. Contrary to my suspicions, big bad guy appears to have followed the kids on his own. (How? Why?) Also, Oksana looks less and less like an undercover agent for the bad guys. The train stops in the middle of nowhere. Why? Is that where it dumped the dangerous tanker car Becca saw in Moscow? The kids ran and hid in a cellar. Wouldn't it have made more sense to find a house where somebody might have a gun and might be willing to run Oksana to an emergency room? Oh, well, whatever.


1. The name of "CIA lady" is Jamie Ortega (played by Gina McKee). I don't know that her name was ever mentioned on screen. 2. It took planning and substantial inside information for Viktor Azimoff to arrange his ex-wife's murder. Ortega had every reason to suspect that SOMEBODY inside the agency was involved. 3. I suspect Martin more than I suspect Paul, but it could easily be either, both, or neither. 4. Violet has been a suspicious character since the beginning. She's almost certainly working for Agent Zero. ("Suspect Zero" is a dumb name, BTW. That person isn't suspected of being a bad guy, that person IS a bad guy.) 5. Why would Agent Zero would want Ortega dead, Becca framed, and Becca on the loose? That's something to ponder. Paul would probably have the most to gain.


this is such a well-scripted show, and the actors are all very good; an excellent bench there. and the locations, lighting, pacing/editing,action scenes are right there with movie quality work. I sure hope ABC keeps this for another season; I am such a huge fan. It seems like each episode gets better.

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Michael: We did it, we're free.
Oksana: Free maybe, but not safe yet.

Becca Winstone is going down, you just have to decide if you're going down with her.

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