NCIS Episode Teaser: "Up in Smoke"

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We knew Dorneget had a big mouth, but didn't expect anything like this.

NCIS returns with a new episode next week, "Playing With Fire." Follow this links for a promo and photos from that installment, which kicks off the final three episodes of the show's ninth season.

On May 8, Season 9's penultimate episode will be titled "Up in Smoke."

Gibbs Out in the Field

The team's search for the terrorist(s) targeting the U.S. Navy takes another bizarre turn when a high-tech bug is found in probationary agent Ned Dorneget's tooth, according to CBS' official synopsis.

An eyeball last season and now a tooth? What they won't think of next ...

Meanwhile, the festivities for Jimmy Palmer’s wedding continue with the bachelor party. Jamie Lee Curtis Returns as Dr. Samantha Ryan, and Richard Schiff (The West Wing) begins his guest arc as Harper Dearing.

One week later, the May 15 season finale carries a double entendre of a title, "Til Death Do Us Part." Will the team make it out of this explosive new investigation alive? Sound off in the comments below.

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I like JLC as an actress just not with Gibbs at all, i see no chemistry and she too secretive, i am not looking forward to this episode with her in it, when a guy says it was ok, we all know what that means, i do not think he likes her as much as people think. I loved Jason and Stan character on the show i would love to see more of them I think they added to the show


I guess I am one of the loners who is loving JLC on the show. I really like Ryan and Gibbs together. I see the age attraction and how she drives him crazy because she is hiding stuff, he likes mystery. So I hope she is back next season. And I cant stand TIVA at all. Of course I have never like Tony since the show started in the 2 epi arch of JAG. I so hope that they dont force them toegther.


I do wish NCIS was more like CM when it come romance


Well I can't say that I'd be interested in watching Gibbs and Ziva have a relationship, but none the less, it makes more sense than Tony and Ziva, for the reasons you stated. Ziva's snotty competitive behavior towards Tony seems pretty adolescent to me. I enjoyed the fun and light hearted flirting between them in the first couple seasons, but after they turned Ziva into a Mary Sue wonder victim and decided that she had to win every competition with Tony, and turned Tony into the weak link on the team, the fun was over. Every interaction between them ended with the same conclusion - Ziva wins. I wish they'd just stay away from making romances the big story altogether. With the exception of Jeanne and Tony, they just haven't ever told these stories well IMO. I liked the way they have kept Jimmy's romance occasionally there, but mostly on the back burner.


Mostly the things you described CJ, just tell me that the writers have been encouraged to push Ziva and Tiva because they probably think that she and it, will draw the younger end of the desired demographic. It will be a sad and disappointing day for many of us fans though if this overly contrived, awkward, and lack luster so called relationship is pushed to this conclusion. If some man had pushed an injured Ziva onto the concrete and held a gun to her chest, or someone had tried to get her kicked off the team, or insulted and demeaned her constantly, Ziva fans would be yelling for their head. Guess we're just supposed to excuse her violent cruel abusive and disloyal behavior because she can cloud up on cue and her daddy had a demanding job. Even the most ardent Tiva fans acknowledge that Tiva should wait and happen in the last episode. Why? Because it would definitely signify the end.


@ Michael
I have listed just 6 of the ways the writers are preparing the audience for the inevitable relationship/marriage of Tony and Ziva. The writers are changing Ziva’s character from an assassin to a woman who wants a family (marriage). Add to the list of 6 the caring chats of Tony sitting on Ziva’s desk and vice versa. The chats are there to convey Tony and Ziva are beginning to care for one another. The two of them show jealousy when one or the other has a new relationship. The writers throw in the snarky Ziva comments to walk it back some; so that viewers aren’t sure where the relationship is heading. But the ‘caring chats’ are happening more what does that tell you?


@CJ What are you talking about


CJ couldnt of said it better.


5. They have tried to soften Ziva with a tear in her eye when the boy was reunited with his kidnapped father, and another tear when Agent Lee’s daughter/sister? received her mother’s badge.
6. Making Ziva more attractive than the Mossad agent David. The rest of us (non-TIVA) will need to remember this is FICTION and real life understanding of what makes a good relationship doesn’t matter. Kindness and respect isn’t as important as lust. I guess that’s why 50% of marriages end in divorce.


TIVA people, keep your knickers on. We all know TIVA will happen. I base this on the following:
1. Final episode of JAG. Rabb and McKenzie were always respectful of each other in their personal and professional lives. They were finally “pushed� into an engagement. Can’t say the same for Ziva’s respect for Tony.
2. They changed Ziva into a US citizen and made her a NCIS agent. Severed her ties with Mossad when she was left in North Africa by her father.
3. The bits and pieces of Ziva ‘longing’ for more to her life.(when EJ asked her about children and Ziva got choked up)
4. The dangling of “will it or will it not happen� has some people tuning in.