NCIS Episode Teaser: "Up in Smoke"

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We knew Dorneget had a big mouth, but didn't expect anything like this.

NCIS returns with a new episode next week, "Playing With Fire." Follow this links for a promo and photos from that installment, which kicks off the final three episodes of the show's ninth season.

On May 8, Season 9's penultimate episode will be titled "Up in Smoke."

Gibbs Out in the Field

The team's search for the terrorist(s) targeting the U.S. Navy takes another bizarre turn when a high-tech bug is found in probationary agent Ned Dorneget's tooth, according to CBS' official synopsis.

An eyeball last season and now a tooth? What they won't think of next ...

Meanwhile, the festivities for Jimmy Palmer’s wedding continue with the bachelor party. Jamie Lee Curtis Returns as Dr. Samantha Ryan, and Richard Schiff (The West Wing) begins his guest arc as Harper Dearing.

One week later, the May 15 season finale carries a double entendre of a title, "Til Death Do Us Part." Will the team make it out of this explosive new investigation alive? Sound off in the comments below.

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oh stop it.. TIVA is the thing bringing us to the 'what will happen'.. and the haters need to get a new tune. Second JLC , I believe is a LOON in the role of Ryan. Her, I adore, acting fabu -- but the character is too creepy, like a Gibbs stalker. As far as the rest? WE shall see Schiff amazing - so that will be great. Palmer's wedding, honestly, don't care one dang bit.


I wonder if JLC was like Ziva in age and looks if she would be getting these much hate


Yea i have to agree JLC like his sister, i do not see why the writers keep writing her in, and no one wants her there, there is no chemistry, gibbs has had love interest before that have done far better job


I agree about JLC, she actually doesn't look right for Gibbs. I know she wants to be all natural, but she is an actress, change your look, dye your
hair again. She seems too old for Gibbs. Also, love, love, love Abby, she can remain Goth, but how about a new
hairdo. A modern ponytail, all down etc. Ziva, Tony and McGee all get
to look different. Any thoughts.


I must say that I'm not a fan of JLC. I don't see a chemistry between her and Gibbs. It seems forced and frankly I'm in the age group this should appeal to but not in my case. A red head is needed here.


All i can say is i hate that they are bringing JLC back again, she is not improving the rating, all she does she make the show about her, its about a naval crime drama, not a soap opera. JLC needs to go


Please, no crossover shows. We are all complaining that our team members are not getting enough TV time as it is. I don’t understand how Ned Dorneget could possibly be hired as an agent. It makes NCIS look desperate when it hires such a bungler. Mayberry’s Barney Fife meets NCIS agent Dorneget. No TIVA.


Do not understand why accept the romance of Gibbs and not Tony and Ziva? They are great! The one for the other!


Gibbs with a love interest is fine, he just needs someone he has chemistry with. JLC seems more like his sister and her character seems untrustworthy. Maybe Agent Borin?
Dorney (and Matt Jones) cracks me up whenever he is on screen. Hope he isn't a bad guy. And a bug in your tooth? Ouch! Of course, it is a Steve Binder script and he is usually the writer that makes me laugh the most. And him writing the bachelor party is a great thing.


Actually JLC has not increase ratings the missionary position was a low 17.66, the next show without her increased to 18.08 and several of the shows have been higher without her, Gibbs has had love interest before butit never brought the show down