Nikita Review: Love and Monsters

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Wow! And that's an understatement about "Wrath."

This was an absolutely heart-wrenching hour of television. We have always known that Nikita struggled with what she did while working for Division, but she's been fairly successful at hiding it.

Caught and Tortured

Maggie Q gave an award-worthy performance as Nikita, withstanding Brant's torture, revealing her deeply repressed pain and enduring the emotional turmoil of Michael's arrival and declaration of love.

The flashbacks were a reminder of the horrible missions to which Nikita were assigned. She was forced to seduce and romance some evil men. Did the ends justify it? In the case of Brant, perhaps; she was helping protect the country from an arms dealer. But it had a huge psychological toll on her.

She let all her anger out when she beat him up, leaving him scarred and without an eye. The realization that she had, as Percy called it, "evil" in her was damaging. Brant's return resurrected the rage she had long suppressed.

This vulnerability only heightened when Michael entered the situation. Nikita was able to maintain her strength against Brant when it was just her. When Michael became threatened, she no longer knew what to do, so she turned on him.

All the emotional turmoil of the previous few months was released. Were Nikita and Michael back together or not? It no longer mattered, as Michael declared his love for her and his unwillingness to let her go. He would rather die with her, than go on without her. Swoon!

Well, that would be a normal reaction, but Nikita wasn't able to accept his undying love for her. She didn't feel worthy of it. Michael's reaction was precious. He understood that her hurtful words were the truth, but he accepted that. He loves all of her and will help her learn to love herself. Double swoon!

Michael, Captured

Now that Nikita and Michael have resolved the uncertainties in their relationship, what will that mean going forward? Will they be able to move towards the white picket fence? Maybe, but not for now. Nikita is determined to destroy Percy.

If Percy is in control of Division without Oversight and now with plutonium, that can only mean bad things are to come. Plus, Amanda and Ari are still out there certainly plotting some type of comeback.

Team Nikita will need to stick together to bring them down. Sean may have killed Brant and gotten vengeance for his mother's death, but that won't stop him from going after Percy now. And even though Alex has the Udinov fortune, she isn't going to leave the fight. Plus, her growing relationship with Sean will keep her in the fight for now as well.

Who will come out on top? Will Team Nikita be able to stop Percy and his plans for the plutonium? Or will he succeed? And how will Amanda and Ari play into this battle? Will they pick a side or stay on their own? Only a few Nikita episodes left to find out!

Did Michael's declaration of love make you swoon too? Check it out here and then other Nikita quotes including a few zingers from Birkhoff.

Michael: You think I can't be selfish? This is the most selfish thing I've ever done. I did this because I had to see you one last time even if I was killed. I did this because I love you. | permalink
Nikita: You have no idea who I am. If you did, you could never love me.
Michael: No. No. I know exactly who you are.
Nikita: I have evil inside of me, Michael.
Michael: Maybe you do. Maybe that is a part of you. That is all that it is. It is just a part. A part. It is not all of you. And that is what I love. Is all of you.
Nikita: We are going to die
Michael: Then we die. Together. | permalink


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I've never watched this show and I've had ZERO interest in it, I just have to stop and say that photo is pretty hot! lol


This is sooooo good! One of MQ's best scenes yet! Loved how she confronted Brant & the way they fed off each other's performance in a claustrophobic room. I think the way Sean shoot Brant is kinda deja vu for Niki, cuz it reminded me how she went out on cold rage & slit Brant's eye that one time. We all have that vindictive steak in us. The difference is that Sean is comforted by Alex, while Percy slid snide remarks to a younger & more vulnerable Nikita.


I so did thought Nikita was playing Brant. She was so in the zone. Yes she has me cornered that was what I thought and then Michael came in and she started slashing and dicing at him, then I said she finally snapped after all she is only human. Team Nikita for sure


je suis un fan francais cette episode est sans conteste l'un des meilleurs de la serie la scene nikita/michael c'etait incroyable il faut absolument une saison 3


Wooii! This was the best tv hour this season,like seriously this show is fuckin awesomd.
The cw should be shut down if this show ain't renewed..i mean for fuck sake this is hands down the best show on this shitty network...and maggie Q hats off to her in this ep,i saw myself clapping in applause for the crew of nikita after the show..mayn this show is damn goo


this was a epic episode love every minute of it, love the mikita scenes hope it get renew cause other shit show with no creditable keeps getting renew god knows why when the ratings are worse then nikita


Wow is right. Words can't express how much i Love this show. Nikita is one hell of a show and it has all the elements - action, drama, hot cast and great stories to tell......I just wish more people were watching it.


OMG !!!! - how frustrating that this show - NIKITA - could be canceled. I cannot stand the thought of one of the BEST Shows on television being canceled. Maggie Q's performance is amazing and tonight's episode is an example of what great television should be. Please, please let there be more seasons to come.........


Holy shit !!! Ok im just gonna say it now . . . . Nikita IS the best fucking show on the CW hands down.Maggie Q nailed that scene with Michael !! In fact that might of been her best performance in the series to date !!.The brass at cw would be major scumbags to not re-new this show for a Third season. My eyes never wander when im watching this show,my attention is always flat out on the tv screen,i never ever reach for my cell to check my texts when this show is on.heck I even watch the commercials when this show is on lol....its that effing good :) Oh and tvfanatic staff,its a great injustice that this show still does'nt have a ROUND TABLE shm . . How did the secret circle get one before Nikita ? . . Please make it happen :)


I repeat what you said: "Wow!" Okay, seriously: WOW! At first I was completely caught of guard and was seriously shocked when Nikita started projecting all her anger at Michael. I wasn't sure what was happening, and it was pretty weird. I started doubting myself, thinking "Is she really saying all this??" And then I thought maybe she's only doing so that she would try to convince herself that she hates him so she doesn't feel pain when he get tortured. But it was all true and it was all Nikita. I didn't know how I felt about that scene. I then thought about it, and I realized how genius it was. How it is so very rare to see a character on TV that is as layered as Nikita is. How this show deserves an Emmy for all of its outstanding achievements and a Best Actress nom for Maggie Q is at the top of the list. Any other show would just have Nikita admire Michael's nobility and even though be mad, she wouldn't do what Nikita did here. The show is one of the only shows where the writers seem to enjoy their jobs so much that they never take the easy way out, and always think about their characters while never faltering in the plot.

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