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Nikita Season 2


Nikita and Michael invade Division on the season two finale, while Alex and Sean get caught in a dangerous gun battle.


Percy issues a threat on this episode of Nikita... to the President of the United States! Read on for a recap of "Crossbow."

"Dead Drop"

Nikita and her team discover a link between the CIA and Percy on this key episode of Nikita. Also: Sean gets shot!

"Shadow Walker"

When a plan to bankrupt Percy backfires, Nikita scrambles to free Birkhoff after he is arrested by the FBI.


Nikita is captured and tortured on this episode, while Percy keeps playing mind games with Michael.


Amanda prepares to take over the company this week by setting up a meeting with Zetrov. She also goes head to head with Nikita.


Cassandra is back on this episode of Nikita. Elsewhere, Alex goes all out to find her mother.

"Double Cross"

Division agents are being assassinated on this return episode of Nikita. Who is behind the killings? Percy of course.


Nikita learns all about the origins of Division this week, as she and Michael do all they can to help Carla.


Percy continues with his plan to take back Division this week. He does so here by threatening to kill Nikita's mentor.

"Clean Sweep"

Percy holds members of Overnight hostage this week, leading to Nikita being forced to decide: does she save innocent lives or let her enemy fall?


Sean goes on the attack this week, but he has a good reason: he takes action to protect his mother.

"Pale Fire"

Alex returns to her childhood home on this episode. She joins forces with Nikita.


Owen is back on Nikita this week. Michael and Nikita turn to him for help in stealing another black box.

"Fair Trade"

Poor Birkoff. Amanda demands information about Nikita this week and is forced to torture the man.

"London Calling"

Cassandra is back on Nikita this week. But is she telling Michael the truth?


Ryan reaches out to Nikita from prison this week, which leads to another scramble that pits Nikita and Michael against Division.

"343 Walnut Lane"

David Keith guest stars this week as Nikita's father. But the reunion doesn't go so well for the show's title character.

"Looking Glass"

Michael is conflicted over an assignment this week. Helena Mattsson guest stars a woman he used to romance.


Katheryn Winnick guest stars in a major role this week. She plays Nikita's former partner.


Birkoff has bad news for Nikita this week. She responds by taking action that brings her up against Amanda.

"Falling Ash"

Owen is back! Read our recap of the latest Nikita episode to learn what prompts the return of this character.

"Game Change"

Nikita and Michael plot to take down Division on the season two premiere. Amanda, meanwhile, enlists Alex's help in retrieving the black box.

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