One Tree Hill Finale Clip: A Walk Down Peyton Lane

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On this Wednesday One Tree Hill finale, The CW drama will take a walk down memory lane. Or Peyton lane, to be more precise.

As depicted in the following sneak peek, Brooke will be brought way back in time when she settles on the set of Julian's book adaption, sitting on a bed from Peyton's recreated bedroom and remembering all the times she spent there, all the ways it shaped the woman she has become.

Yes, fans, it's gonna get very misty in your living room. Watch the clip now, followed by an overall preview from producer/writer/director Mark Schawnn and then check out the official One Tree Hill finale promo as you prepare to say farewell...

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James Lafferty, your character is the most ambitious, most courageous and most self-confident. Shantel Van Santen, your character is the most patient, most self-sacrificing & most free-spirited. Antwon Tanner, your character is the most sarcastic, most humourous, most down-to-earth & most fun to hang with. Lee Norris, your character is the most genuine, most dignified & most friendly. In memory of my beloved Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton, I say fare well One Tree Hill Cast. I will miss you all. Au revoir! A Bientot! :) Je vous aime!!


Thank you Mark Schwann for this incredible show. I Love all the cast. I have never been so devoted to a show nor have i wanted to be. I know of no other show as inspiring,touching or feeling as this one. Nor do I know of any other show where the love, relationship & friendship between the characters is as genuine & heartfelt as this. This is by far the best show with the best actors. It's been there for me through my not-so-good & my oh-so-good days! I will miss all the cast.. I love you Robert Buckley, Jackson Brundage, Lisa Goldstein & Austin Nichols. Sophia Bush, Bethany joy galeotti, James Lafferty, Shantel Van Santen, Antwon Tanner & Lee Norris are my personal favourites because not only are they unique and enduring, they are also very much like myself. Sophia Bush, your character is the strongest, bravest, most emotional & has the biggest heart i've ever known. Bethany Joy Galeotti, your character is the wisest, most honest & most inspirational/encouraging. Lee Norris, your character is the most dignified, most loyal and friendliest. Shantel Van Shanten, although you're new I just admire you. Your character is the most patient,most self-sacrificing, and most free-spirited. Antwon Tanner, you are the most sarcastic, most humourous, and funnest person to be around. Lastly, James Lafferty, your character is the most ambitious, strongest and most self-confident. In memory of Chad Michaeel Murray and Hilarie Burton as OTH cast #The Originals.. I Love You All xoxo Tonero


Thank YOU Mark Schwann for this incredible show. It's been a fantastic 9 years, and I can't tell you how incredibly sad I am to say goodbye to the "little show that could." Such a bittersweet excitement to see the finale tonight. :)


if im crying as I'm reading this post, i can't imagine how this wednesday night might be for me..


@absolutelyunsure....It would be the best move they've ever made if they do it. I mean if they were planning to bring them back I would think they would keep it under wraps to have it be a suprise so that would explain why it wasn't heard of. I just can't imagine that chad would be willing to come back for episodes and they would have wasted it on that bit part in a freakin airport and give him no interaction with nathan. Kinda sucks but they sort have ruined his and hilarie's characters. They don't come to Brooke's wedding, Haley's mom's funeral, aren't there when Haley's and Brooke's babies are born, don't ome for Dan dying. So out of character for them


@xmeg816x Haha me too! No matter how many people say neither of them are coming back but I have this secret hope one or both of them will.


i am still holding out hope on a Suprise appearance by lucas and Peyton i just feel like they made such a big deal about his return and they stuck him an airport the whole episode. i am just hoping they have one last Suprise up their sleeve. they keep saying we will see faces from the past but there aren't many people left to bring back and they better not be just referring to flashbacks


I gonna miss OTh soo much! Can't believe it's already over.

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