Survivor Review: Laying it All Out There

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There was a lot of confusion heading in to this week’s Survivor.

Coming out of it quite a bit has been cleared up. Sure, there are still some issues to try and understand (if anyone knows what Leif’s plan is, please tell me) but by in large the survivors now know where everyone stands.

Everyone now knows where Troyzan stands, most importantly Troyzan himself.  Smartly he read through Kim’s overselling (ok, perhaps labeling her the next Boston Rob or Parvati was a bit premature) of his own safety and played his idol.  The move prevented his departure and kept him off the ignominious list of those sent home with an idol in their pocket.

Troyzan deserves a lot of credit for playing the idol.  Many of the Survivor contestants before him who did not play their idol either truly had no idea or simply didn’t believe it.  In the face of lies from the women and genuine disbelief from the only honest character, Jay, Troyzan went with his gut and bought himself three more days in the game. 

Jeff Probst Hold Immunity

His decision to tell Jay he had and was playing the idol was not a smart one.  However, once he revealed his secret his only move was to play the idol.  When the idol’s presence is known all it does is put a target on your back.  It certainly seems that Troyzan understood this concept by playing the idol and his words to Jeff when he gave up the prized possession.

The effects of Troyzan’s move are drastic.  With Jay gone the intentions of the women are clear.  Kim is at the helm of the women’s alliance with Chelsea, Alicia, Kat and Sabrina working the oars.  Christina is below decks, working the galley.  She “fits” in to their alliance until they don’t need her, which will be when they’re at six.

Continuing with the analogy, Troyzan becomes Captain Jack Sparrow.  A mutiny lead by Barbosa, Kim, kicked him off his own ship.  Now he’s a lone gun, completely out for himself just trying to stay alive. 

Such a situation may sound dire, but on Survivor laying all your cards on the table can be a blessing.  Everyone knows where Troyzan stands.  Everyone knows he does not have the idol.  Everyone knows he’s looking for someone to work with.  There are no questions about Troyzan.  This can be very influential.

Despite all of these potential positives Troyzan’s future in the game requires friends.  Who’s going to play the role of his Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly?  Leif?  Tarzan? Christina?  Not exactly the most reliable group.  I’m not sure one of those three has had a strategic moment in the game so far.

The heat is intense on Troyzan right now, but if he can somehow survive the next episode he’s got a chance.  The key for the lone wolf style of playing Survivor is becoming the swing vote.  One immunity challenge win might be enough to do that for Troyzan.  Once Troyzan is no longer the target, figuring out the next target could easily spark a fracture in Barbosa’s, er Kim’s, crew. 

Where does the crack come from?  It should start with Christina, but she’s so oblivious to everything that’s going on around her that it won’t.  Tarzan’s an option, but he also voted against Jay this past tribal and remains a wild card until he’s on the jury.  Leif voted with the women’s alliance last week and against them last week.  Huh?

If Troyzan can survive a week, the crack could come from Chelsea.  Amazing that we’re talking about this considering what we thought her relationship with Kim was, but things clearly changed this week.  Chelsea is trying to play with her head, but having a hard time ignoring her heart.  I could see the way Troyzan staved off elimination this week convincing her that he’s a viable option to work with.

This is where Kim needs to step up her game if she wants to be the next Boston Rob or Parvati.  If she hasn’t already, she needs to have a sit-down with Chelsea and remind her that they’re in the game together.  Neither of them can do it alone, but together they can run to the final with whatever other third person they choose.

Will Troyzan make it through next week?  Will Chelsea be the one to shatter the women’s alliance?  The odds aren’t good, but that’s why we watch the show, right?

More from this episode of Survivor:

  • I found the immunity challenge extremely disheartening.  Clearly I do not get what the food deprivation does to your mind but I can’t believe how easily people gave up immunity.  Don’t even get me started on Leif.  I wonder how quickly people would give up if the challenge were next week, after this week’s chaos. 
  • Tarzan in the final three addressing the jury would be priceless.  It’s not impossible because he had no shot to win so people want to go up against him.  
  • Speaking of Tarzan, what was with the red shirt he was wearing?  Clearly it’s a woman’s shirt, but who’s?  And why is he wearing it?  His fashion statement certainly cracked Jonas up.
  • No one misses Colton now, right?  Hopefully all those who said this season would not be as good without Colton can shut up now.


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@Luke - yep, agreed actually, and if i were troyzan i absolutely 100% would have played the idol, so it does make sense. the question re: idols now becomes will there be another one? it's happened before at this point, and if troy can win immunity next episode i'm sure he'll go looking for another, right? in any case, troyzan is a great character and he will be back (along with colton) in an all star format season. i like that he's established himself on camera. the way they've edited this season seems very obvious that kim will win, but who knows. if tarzan is in the final three i think he's clever enough to get the men to vote for him by playing the phillip shephard card, which phillip never even actually played. if he's smart enough to say ''i got on your nerves and i wasn't a threat but i made the right alliances and i have 14 pets to feed'' and realise that men can be bitter jerks and might be annoyed at kim's deceptiveness, he ~could~ have a chance, right? ... but kim will win because she's the best..


tarzan was wearing monicas shirt.hope kim or chelsea win!y did jay hav 2 go...gonna miss him


Stick a fork in the men; they're done IMHO. Their last chance was to manufacture some reason to have all the women vote for Troyzan, have T play the idol, & take out one of the women. It could have been done, but now the numbers are not in their favor. They really screwed this up. & as idiotic as most of the women have been, that's doubly embarrassing for the men.

Mr probst

@Justin - isn't a chicken and the egg scenario? If Troyzan doesn't tell Jay that he's playing the idol and/or Jay doesn't run to Kim with that information, the votes would have gone to Troyzan. That's what Kim told us. Once she knows or suspects Troyzan's playing the idol, it makes sense to switch the majority to Jay. Now, yes, the REALLY bold move is to guess that they're going to change their votes and hang on to the idol, but Troyzan had no reason to suspect Jay would run to Kim with that information.


TROYZAN!!!! Jay's foolishness spoiled Troyzan plan... He has played zero strategy and reached final 10 just because he happen to be in the right place at the right time. Hopefully Troyzan could pull something off and kicked off the women alliance... And I reallly hope Jonas had not been voted out so soon so that he can co-operate with Troyzan now~~


"The move prevented his departure and kept him off the ignominious list of those sent home with an idol in their pocket." I would just like to point out that this wasn't the case! they flushed the idol by making them think they were voting for him, when the entirety of the votes where actually sent to jay. if troy hadn't have played the idol, he would have still been safe. also, having seen all the previous seasons i would just like to add that i think kim is the best all round player i've seen since yul from cook islands... she's the best!


Jay, you beautiful fool! Unfortunately,you did deserve to go home. Troyzan for the win!!!


Some survivors tweeted that was Monica's shirt Tarzan was wearing!

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