The Client List Preview: Will You Watch?

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Starting this Sunday, Jennifer Love Hewitt will be checking off her Client List each week on Lifetime.

The new series, based on an original movie by the same name and starring Hewitt as Riley, a single, broke mother in Texas, is drawing a lot of attention for its rather provocative ad campaign. To wit:

But Hewitt told reporters on a conference call this week that the real focus should be less on what her character is wearing and what she is doing inside a massage parlor - and more on the circumstances that fore Riley down this financial path.

"The story that we’re telling is real," says the actress. "There really is economically families that are put in these positions. There are women out there who are in sex worker positions that you would run into them at the grocery store with their hair piled on top of their head and have no idea and it’s a reality."

TV Fanatic will post a review of The Client List premiere immediately after it airs. For now, we want to know: will you be tuning in?

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I've been a fan of JLH for years, so I'll tune in for her. I mean, the plot of the series sounds great, but my loyalty for watching is for her.


btw, do we know if it is really J. Hewitt singing? i knew she was a good singer but this is great!


i absolutely love J. Hewitt! missed her after they cancelled Ghost Whisperer. this looks interesting and stylish. don't know if i am going to like it, because i got bored with Secret Diary of a Call Girl after two seasons, but if it will be an honest story of a real woman, i am sure they can make it grab the strings of people's hearts. besides they already have a huge advantage, they have Jennifer Love Hewitt!!

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