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"Wild Nights are Calling"

Jimmy tracks Riley down at home this episode, while Derek has an important question for Selena.

"What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am"

Riley must find out who stole the list on the first part of The Client List Season 2 finale.

"Whatever It Takes"

Riley gets wind about a task force that could make trouble for and The Rub and she and Derek get an unhappy surprise while at the spa on The Client List.

"When I Say I Do"

Riley becomes overwhelmed with planning Georgia's wedding while Kyle tries to step up and help with finances on The Client List.

"I Miss Back When"

Riley and Lacey head to their high school reunion while Linette needs Kyle's help as she struggles to make it through rehab on The Client List.

"What Part of No"

While at Riley's house, Lacey is attacked by someone breaking in while Selena uncovers some new information about Derek and Nikki on The Client LIst.

"Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"

Kyle looks to Dale to help him find a job as Riley attempts to let him back into her life, while Evan and Shelby prepare for their graduation from the academy on The Client List.

"Heaven's Just a Sin Away"

While Kyle prepares to testify in order to help his case, Riley ends up in church as she tries to deal with her marriage and career on The Client LIst.

"I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent"

Riley is tempted to start something with a wealthy single father while Kyle ends up losing his visitation privileges when he fights with an inmate on The Client List.

"Unanswered Prayers"

Riley has dreams of a music career when one of her clients happens to be a music producer and Evan gets closer to a female cadet at the academy on The Client List.