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The Good Wife Season 4: What's Ahead?

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The Good Wife wrapped up season three this week with a number of pressing questions:

What will happen when Kalinda's husband opens that door? How many employees will Will and Diane be forced to let go? Did Alicia go back for that slice of pizza? Will we ever see Matthew Perry as Mike Kresteva again?

Kalinda Makes a Dent

In a wide-ranging interview with Entertainment Weekly, Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King tackle these topics. Among the key takeaways:

  • Yes, we will meet Kalinda's (still uncast) husband in what is intended to be a "long arc," says Robert. "This is something we really want to see — Kalinda’s past life colliding with her newly firmed up friendship with Alicia."
  • About Alicia, add Robert... "I would say that Alicia is a little caught between whether to be Hillary Clinton - meaning a woman who will make all the right efforts to get her husband elected because she believes in what he believes in - and someone who isn’t sure whether what’s best for the kids is that she stay removed from the house."
  • Peter's on-record admission that he and Alicia are separated will cause major problems.
  • Robert says the duo really wants to feature Perry again in season four, and were aware of his potential NBC pilot when they cast him.
  • Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox will be back as Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning, respectively.

In intriguing conclusion, Robert teased of the firm's financial woes:

"There’s gonna be a new element brought in at the beginning of the year that will have a circling the wagon effect, but we’d like to leave that a surprise."

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you people realize this is just a show right?


There is one thing I do not get in all of this W/A or P/A discussion. Why is she bad / I do not wan to use a stronger word) for having an affair with a man while she is sperated but still married.
At the same time it seems to be ok that Peter had at lest 2 women while they where not only be married, but still toghether.
He may regret it and he may try to make it up to her and it does not matter that I go for the W/A thing.
I really think it is sad that what makes a man a hero and gets a slap on his should for been such a st*d, the woman get the lable sl*t for not even the same level.
Don't get me wrong I am all about family and to stick to your commitment, but it should be allowed to be a person as well and if I bring up a show with what is supposed to be strong lead female character it should be displayed this way. I do not mean she should go 'flexible' or let herself get picked up in a bar every weekend, this would not fit the character they displayed for her, but what we saw in the second half of this season (still no matter if with Will, alone or with Peter) is not the woman we met on TV for the 2 1/2 years before.


For all you W fans it will not happen thosr days are gone and the future is bright for the family together again. As you said about Peter did not just cheat ONCE, he screwed a hooker over and over again, as in season 3 she did the same thing with Will and kept it a big secret till her conscience took over and she grew up and opened her eyes.
I know you would say she was separated but she still broke the 7th and 10th commandments while still married.
As we saw from the finale of 3 there is a big change coming and W fans won't like it.


I hope season4 will allow Alicia and Will time to develop a honest, open and caring relationship. I think she really LOVES Will and that she is scared, confused after being betrayed NOT once but twice by Peter and Kalinda. IT was more than just sex, she was happy with and confident! :) Peter did not just cheat ONCE, he screwed a hooker over and over again! He used his office and power for sex with Kalinda too. I doubt that it ended with her. He is selfish and he threw away his marriage and trust for that. He could not even confront Will like a man, he hid behind his office again...his vindictive azz could NOT stand the thought that his wife could be happy with someone else. I find it ironic that THE CHEATER demands loyalty from everyone else! Alicia needs to continue to grow and move forward, she is so much more than JUST the good wife that the show begin with she is a survivor....strong woman!


As a first timer to the comment board I see alot of pros and cons about this show which I like but people have to realize this is a make believe program and the writers are trying to put forth a good performance by everyone in the cast. The only part I can't get a handle on is the title it doesn't fit the show, if they want her to be the good wife then write it that way and stop all the fooling around. PS THATS MY TAKE ON THIS SHOW.


@ Toknow You know the Governor of Illinois has his residence in Springfield, right? SO if Peter wins and Alicia will be still with him they have to move, she needs to leave L/G and that is the end of the show, cause all the main characters are in Chicago.
I never said that Peter is a bad, never said that and it is not as he is shown on the show.
If you do not have a family it does not mean you do not know how to value one.
There are only a few people who like W/A who are really write bad things about Peter and this is not right, but most people who doe not like the idea of W/A reduce the character of Will to something even much lower and even if I would not like the idea I can not see this in the show
Sure wills past is not squeaky clean, but neither is Peters and this makes things so interesting!


What I find most surprising in all of this discussions here on this board is as soon as anybody says something I would like to see more W/A only a few hours later comes a comment from someone going against it.
Some of them are for sure the same people. It is just plain boring.
Why not some up with something original?
Posing as an insider does not help, even Chris Noth said he does not think that P/A will be together again.
Why not thinking about all the other nice possibilities?
I would love to see more nice case in court, I think this is still a big part of the show.
Also I would really like to see Peter in court, like Childs.
There are so many other things that make the show for what it is.


I totally disagree with your idea that Will is the perfect fit, he doesn't have any family values in his life style. If things don't go his way he finds ways to get rid of them, Alicia is to much of a women to get hung up on his way of life which she sees from his demeanor.
Plus everybody keeps using Peter as a slim, take another look and watch her in season 4 on which side of the street she will be on. She wants him to be the Govenor thats is in her lifestyle, but with Peter being honest it will be against him and might hurt his chances.


In S4 we wish to see Alicia give herself (and her long-standing unforgettable appeal and connection with and for Will) an open honest opportunity to develop. Their relationship has so many more dimensions that just amazing sex. Will most always seems to have her interests and concerns in his heart as shown by his actions. Peter uses Alicia mostly for his own political benifit, ego, and to paint his false familyman and unlived values. His separation confession benefited his would be political image of running a clean honest department as much as any other motive to assist Alicia. Alicia seems happy and growing in loving relationship with Will as even noted by her teenagers. I do agree with "bytheway" and the cracked mirror alegory. Alicia's age and education would better prioritize her heartfelt values and real family members' present needs rather than the 50's family beyond self always good wife personna. Open communication and trust issues need to be put on the plate existing for this threesome. Come on writers, get real, write all 3 characters at bat having more fair balanced chances.....and more Owen and less guests' show time. This is the consensus of attitudes in our bridge club (ages 70s to 80s+)regarding GW, 1 of our top 3 TV shows.


Someone with a dark past is not the right one to be around, they will always be deceving you and you have no idea what went on in the past 20 yrs.
As for cheating once doesn't make you a repeater and by the way he didn't lie the question never was asked. But does it make you a dirty person who did it and is afraid and hide it from your kids because you know they will not forgive you for lying to them about the past.
As a woman and mother I can see right through the boss and what the husband is truly trying to do, believe me the boss would of been kicked in the ass and thrown to the curb long ago.

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia, I take my job seriously. You should take this seriously, too.


Patient: Thank you.
Alicia: It's my job.
Patient: No, not like before. You're fighting for me.