The Good Wife Season Finale Review: Bait, Switch and Scheme

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This was a perfectly strong episode of The Good Wife.

But that doesn't mean "The Dream Team" made for an especially captivating season finale.

Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning

It didn't feel like the culmination of a series of developments, as the best written season finales often do. Instead, it came across like the writers really had no long-term plan, touching upon featured arcs from the last few weeks, but mostly dropping brand new storylines on us.

Yes, Will's suspension amidst rumors of judicial bribery has been a long-running topic, as has been the firm's financial woes. But have they been keeping you glued to the screen every Sunday night? Have they really played a prominent enough role for the season finale to base such a pressing angle around them?

It was great to see Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning team up; these are two are fun, morally grey antagonists. Their featured appearance just felt a bit random.

Similarly, The Good Wife has spent time on Kalinda's tax problems, but it was hammering home the threat of Lana and Lamond Bishop last week. Here, in what felt like an irritating bait and switch, it brought Kalinda's husband to the forefront. Am I interested in the mysterious investigator's past? Absolutely.

But I wish the storyline leading up to this reveal had been more fully developed. And the entire scene of her breaking the wall, gathering her money and gun arsenal and then plopping herself down in front of the apartment door? A tad melodramatic.

More than any other complaint, I'm shocked at the lack of Governor race follow-up. No Mike Kresteva since "Pants on Fire?" Scarcely a mention of the campaign? No reaction from anyone that Alicia joined Peter on stage to announce his plan to run?

It's simply baffling. It's like that major development never happened.

And this goes toward my overall issue with the episode. It didn't feel like a finale. It didn't leave me wanting more, not when compared with two weeks ago at least. Which was a more cliffhanger-worthy scene: Alicia pondering a family dinner (and, by association, her marriage), or Alicia triumphantly holding Peter's hand on stage? For me it's the latter, no doubt.

I would have preferred for the momentum of the season to have led to that moment, not any of the ones here. The structure of the final run of episodes just seemed off and I do wonder if that has anything to do with the status of Matthew Perry's sitcom.

So even if the episode left us with a few intriguing teasers heading into season four, I was disappointed at their lack of a build up over the past few episodes. The season as a whole, looking back on it, feels a bit scattered, with no consistent through-line or theme that paid off on the finale.

What did everyone else think? Am I expecting too much from a season finale? Which awkward elevator scene was your favorite? And which of the following developments has you more anxious for September?


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These are fantastic - the first is btuieufal of course, but the second - Wow. It doesn't just illustrate that she was climbing a tree, it also makes you FEEL how it is to hang upside down - it's incredible! Such a clever shot.


I know I am probably in the minority in wanting Alicia and Peter together. Normally I would be all for her dumping her cheating hubby. But Chris Noth is IMO so compelling as Peter. I believe really does love Alicia(remember when he was on house arrest with the ankle monitor and ran out in the street after her?) and is truly sorry for cheating and and as some have pointed out two wrongs don't make a right if you stay married to your cheating spouse it does not give you license to cheat and I'm not so sure Will wouldn't cheat he does seem to like the ladies.


i really think the finale was awesome.all this questions left without an answer made the good wife's season 3 finale really worth seeing!!!although i truly loved season 2 finale,which left all of its fans without a question- except for what is going to happen the day after:P- i still can't forget how thrilled i was when season 1 ended on this unexpected i think the writers made a very good choice ending the season with so many questions!!i loved the elevator scene mostly because it made me remember last year's finale and how things changed during this was a deeply touching scene for me ,indeed.does anyone AGREE with me?last but not least ,i get so upset every time i read bad things about tgw and i think every FAN should do sth about it!!


I still love this show but your comments are well taken and gave me pause for thought I also thought some things were not well developed and I didnt understand all that was going on with Kalinda. She is an interesting Character. I didnt even remember I had see the season finale. But will be watching in the fall


I thought that the elevator scene with all of them in the front was comical. It seemed rather questionable who the bad, the good and the ugly were. Alicia looked like the good wife with Peter, but quite the little minx with Will. Felt bad for Peter until Kalinda came in. The it kept on going. Good times with The Good wife


@KansasGuest-Guategal These are my thoughts not the creators, So take care see you-all in Sept.


@TheKings - If you wish to pass your comments off as those of creators Robert & Michelle King, perhaps you should spell correctly and use punctuation. Professional writers know all those rules.


Sooo I was crying at the last scene with Alicia. The raw emotion was awesome. Most of the time, I find that most reflect their own personal life experiences in their reviews. I can honestly say I have no relation or experience similar to Alicia's experience and I still felt emotion for something I could never relate to. That's how you know the writers succeeded. I do agree there were many loose ends but doesn't every season finale leave you with the desire to have those loose ends tied up? This show did not tie up any loose ends from the last two shows. Therefore, the next season has about 3 shows worth of loose ends to tie up. I'm not disappointed and I look forward to next season. I have no particular desires for where I'd like to see Alicia end up romantically. I just enjoy the ride and I enjoy watching her evolve. That's what real life is all about and this show does a great job of portraying it. Everyone who is desiring for Alicia to do something in particular is going to experience their gratification and then become bored. Don't have expectations and enjoy the ride too :)


Most of the difficulties that came out of this year came out because of that affair. So I think Will is truly in love with Alicia, and Alicia — if it were another time, another place, and she didn’t have two kids and a campaign that was being kicked off — she would reciprocate in the truest way. I think that is the tragedy of that relationship: They caught each other a little too late in life. That is all playing through their heads, and that is why Will asked, “Do you think it was a mistake" Season 4 will be a completely different foremat and the Will saga will fade away, the writers can't keep going with that storyline or the show will be canceled. There is still a very big love towards Peter that keeps her holding her ground of a family life again, the office sameold has to every week will bring the ratings down and force a drop by the network CBS.


I liked this last episode. So funny! I don't think all is over between Alicia and Will, they still love each other and the elevator scene is a confirm..Do you think it was a mistake? No. Then the separation from Peter is clear, and Alicia has to front a new process standing by Will. So, everything can still happen.. Paola from Italy

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