The Good Wife Season 4: What's Ahead?

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The Good Wife wrapped up season three this week with a number of pressing questions:

What will happen when Kalinda's husband opens that door? How many employees will Will and Diane be forced to let go? Did Alicia go back for that slice of pizza? Will we ever see Matthew Perry as Mike Kresteva again?

Kalinda Makes a Dent

In a wide-ranging interview with Entertainment Weekly, Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King tackle these topics. Among the key takeaways:

  • Yes, we will meet Kalinda's (still uncast) husband in what is intended to be a "long arc," says Robert. "This is something we really want to see — Kalinda’s past life colliding with her newly firmed up friendship with Alicia."
  • About Alicia, add Robert... "I would say that Alicia is a little caught between whether to be Hillary Clinton - meaning a woman who will make all the right efforts to get her husband elected because she believes in what he believes in - and someone who isn’t sure whether what’s best for the kids is that she stay removed from the house."
  • Peter's on-record admission that he and Alicia are separated will cause major problems.
  • Robert says the duo really wants to feature Perry again in season four, and were aware of his potential NBC pilot when they cast him.
  • Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox will be back as Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning, respectively.

In intriguing conclusion, Robert teased of the firm's financial woes:

"There’s gonna be a new element brought in at the beginning of the year that will have a circling the wagon effect, but we’d like to leave that a surprise."

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I like Will and Alicia .Peter is a cheater and once a cheater always a cheater .he cheated on her not only once but twice and lied through those fake caps.and I want his mother Jackie to put in a home .How dare she raid there account ? Alicia needs to give Peter notice that his mother is faking and is conning him .Please when will this over age school boy cut the apron string from Mommy . I cannot stand her somebody better tell her to butt out the nosy old lady .


We need more Alicia and Peter not Will, this is about a GOOD WIFE it would be nice to see more of it. Will only brings contriversy to the whole story and leaves the family values out, there is more to this series than a cheap thrill as most Will fans want.


Please I want to see Alicia with Will in season 4 I miss them...


Here's another vote for Will. It's not just "Will & Alicia", but Will alone as a character. He is a very interesting personage and not enough has been made of him. He is also a great actor, better than Alicia (assuming their fictional names for convenience). The writers need to show a more intellectual side of Will, since he obviously has one. Another thread that needs developing: Will and Diane -- they should have more Sun Tzu "Art of War" conversations. What makes this series so good is that there are adult conversations in it. Alicia needs to be portrayed as slightly more intelligent. Peter is boring. Also, do NOT like M J Fox -- git him out!


We would like to see less of Will in season 4 and a whole lot of Peter and family together. Family life means more to her than a cheap roll in the hay.


I really want to see Alicia with Will in season 4, something stronger than Peter and less boring.


With Cary back at the firm, hopefully his role gets more airtime and that will play into Kalinda. As for some reason he was basically demoted this year in favor of Eli as a main character. Show was it's best when Cary and Kalinda were main players and not behind the scenes.


My take on season 4 will be that Will moves on with another and Alicia finnally opens up and sees that she was the one who needs to put things right and mean it. Don't say we will try and look the other way, that is the wrong attitude.
Yes the kids come first but you got to make that happen, in past seasons they were on the back burner all the time and she kept telling them little lies about how she felt. She wasn't happy but tried to fool them with the school girl mentality which they could see through. The writers keep Peter on the front for a good reason he is still there for her and she knows it.


my interpretation of whatever that went on in S3 was that Alicia was more attracted to the idea of family than a romantic relationship with Peter.
It was more about the kids; they came first, hence she ended the affair with Will. From the elevator scene with Will i read that she still has feelings for this man, but that's all they can be right now given the circumstances they're in. I must say I would prefer that she move on from Peter. Like they say: trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you'll still see the cracks and you'll never look at it the same again. Predictions for S4? Peter is definitely interested in wanting Alicia back, either they will give the marriage a real try (which i hope not, see reason above) or they'll both reach a consensus to put the marriage behind them with the understanding of the kids and move on with life.


Well, as most people know I like the idea of W/A. What I do not like is if people get to violent or radical over characters on a TV show. So calling names is more than uncalled for and this is valid for all parties. No matter what people did there are always qualities Kids can look up to in their parents and if it is only the fact that they are loved by them unconditionally.

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

It's hard to be on this side.