The Good Wife Trailer: All on the Line

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How do you keep an ambitious man from running? Tell him you'll go after his family, with everything you've got.

Following the latest new episode of The Good Wife, it looks like we may have underestimated Matthew Perry's Mike Kresteva. This guy is far more shady than just a lawyer who prefers to expedite cases and remain on the good side of judges. He has a major agenda.

That much is made clear in the just-released new trailer for the remaining three episodes of season three, which depict Kresteva threatening Peter; Alicia encouraging her husband to run for Governor; Cary seemingly returning to Lockhart/Gardner; and Jackie lying in a hospital bed.

Get a look at upcoming footage now and mark your calendar: The Good Wife returns on April 15 and runs straight through to the April 29 finale.

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Well first of all it is a show, please do not forget it! But to compare it with RL. I can only say if they bring a P/A line they need to change the title into the dumb wife. We are not talking about one night and the way it is persented at it would be a real person there would never be only Amber or Kalinda. To make a marriage work is not a piece of cake, but when is done it is done, you can not turn back time and there is to much spilled water. Sorry I am to old and have seen to much to go for a P/A show!


I disagree Peter had the opportunity to come clean and he did I think he did change and I'm interested in a Peter/Alicia show. I don't want Will back to LG and into Alicia's life again he will destroy everything she has built up.
Her going back to work after 14yrs is what 9/10th of the stay at home mothers are doing today, in todays world married couples in the middle class can't make ends meet and need the extra income. These whole series have shown that it isn't easy to try and get in the grove again at work, plus how easy it is to get in trouble when bosses step out of bounds and you try and distant yourself from the corporate mess that follows.
Belive me this is exactly what trys to happen and sometimes does in the real world and has caused and destroyed manny of familys.


Jackie doesn't die, I know because the writers want to punish us more. :) I like Cary, i thought he is would go back to LG because of what happened at the DA's office. He's a good lawyer with a unique style. There is some sexual tension between him and Kalinda and I truly hope we'll see more of them together. If Alicia goes beck to Peter, I'm out. If Alicia goes back to Peter the writers should change the name of the show. This is not The Good Wife any more. I understand that they want to show the audience a good example: loving housewife who is able to start over, to get a job and go back to work after 12 years but this is too much. Peter had the opportunity to come clean but he didn't. I don't think he can change and I'm not interested in a Peter/Alicia show. I want Will back to LG and into Alicia's life. They belong together.


If Cary's return will be just another way to use him like a plot monkey to write another storyline about "someone is trying to bring down Alicia and L&G" I think I'm officially done with the show. It wouldn't make any sense because it there's something we got about Cary that season is that he totally gave up with his revenge agenda and it would come from nowwhere if now he suddenly would join L&G just because he wants to screw up them. Also it wouldn't make any sense after all those friendly scenes between him and Alicia.


Don't count your chickens, Jackie doesn't die,Will and Alicia aren't getting back together and the house will come in the end. As for Cary I wouldn't pass anything by him yet there is a secret motive and it ain't good. The next 3 episodes will make the way for the future and guess who comes out smelling like a rose ?


WAUW! The last 3 episodes will be AMAZING!! I can't wait till sunday! I really hope Jackie dies, alicia & will get back together .. and Alicia will get her old house back.. (inheritance when Jackie dies :-P) Oh, and I would really love seeing Cary back @ Lockhart and Gardner.. But I hope he does it for the good reasons, not for screwing them behind their back!! LOVE THIS SHOW!!


I hope Cary's motives are just his ambition. Right now his career at SA is pretty ruined. A demotion, even if self inflicted, is never a good thing for your resume so I suppose L&G could be for him a really good way to improve his career again. Otherwise it would be totally ridicolous if there's a Cary's secret evil plan to bring down the firm. It would be way too soapish and that's not the show I love. And I've enough of people trying repeatedly to bring down L&G: they've already overused that plot throught season 2 and 3.
Said that I really hope season 4 will be a better season for Cary. This year he was mainly used for brief cammeos or just like a plot monkey. He barely had more than 1 mintute screentime for episode and his development was inevitably left aside. The writing for him was hasty, shallow and with really few really positive or narratively meaningful moments. And it's a shame because potentially Cary is still one of their best characters. I hope they'll do better with him next year.


We really enjoy The Good Wife, only one problem it has an erratic schedule, and often times CBS starts it later then it's 9:00PM time slot. To gain a following the show needs to have some continuity with it's scheduling.


Is there something that we are missing about Cary seemingly returning to Lockhart/Gardner, I tend to read between the lines that this is a ploy by him to bring down the firm. The word SEEMINGLY has some hidden motives in it.


If these last 3 episodes lead Alicia to Peter for good, it is totally not worth watching Season 4 if there is one. The writers might as well just focus on the legal cases rather on any personal or family relationships of the characters.