The Good Wife Trailer: All on the Line

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How do you keep an ambitious man from running? Tell him you'll go after his family, with everything you've got.

Following the latest new episode of The Good Wife, it looks like we may have underestimated Matthew Perry's Mike Kresteva. This guy is far more shady than just a lawyer who prefers to expedite cases and remain on the good side of judges. He has a major agenda.

That much is made clear in the just-released new trailer for the remaining three episodes of season three, which depict Kresteva threatening Peter; Alicia encouraging her husband to run for Governor; Cary seemingly returning to Lockhart/Gardner; and Jackie lying in a hospital bed.

Get a look at upcoming footage now and mark your calendar: The Good Wife returns on April 15 and runs straight through to the April 29 finale.

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I am a middleage woman with two teenage girls too. And I am not about to compare my family to The Good Wife. It is the writers who created Will to be cool, smart, wealthy, good looking and considerate and happen to love Alicia to death. The writers also seem to create Will in such a way that he is NOT looking at any other women. They created such a man and then decided that Alicia should run another way to her sleazy husband. It is just a turn-off. In reality, if this happens, Will definitely does not stay single that long. No matter what people say about Will, in this Show, Will deserves to be happy. So, if Alicia is going to run another way, please do create a lovely young and smart lady who can be Will's love interest. Again, after the After the Fall episode, I find the other side of Will interesting i.e relax, not in office attire, passion for music, etc.


For all you Will followers who think he is single, smart, cool, wealthy, good looking and considerate, would you let him go out with your daughters with onr thing on his mind. As an middleaged single mother of two teenage girls I would not even consider him for me, I lost my husband to illness and there isn't another man yet who can take his place. But after watching this show Will is the last person I would ever consider, he has too manny dark sides plus Alicia has a deep love for her kids and he would destroy that.
On the other side Peter yes did wrong but he has more qualities as a father and husband in my eyes.


Great to know that Cary will return to L&G. Hope he can play a better role than Season 3. After creating such strong connection between Will & Alicia, and then to make Alicia run all the way back to Peter, that is just silly. Will is single, smart, cool, wealthy, good looking and considerate. After watching episode "After the Fall", I find Will's character interesting. Since the writers have made Alicia's character weak and coward, she so does not deserve Will. I am just so turned-off by this Season 3. Just find another character, a smart, witty, beautiful and younger woman to play Will's interest. Again, after all this 'crap', in reality, a good and available person like
Will does not wait forever. Please dont make him do that as it will make him look too needy and all
especially not


Hi I agree with the person regarding Alicia divorcing Peter. In my opinion she should....First she appears so strong, then weak when it comes down to Peter, who is a sleaze trying to be a good "boy" now. Peter has done his thing with so many women including the one person that Alicia was beginning to consider a friend. To me it doesn't matter that the little tryst happened in the past, it happened. Now, Peter can't let go and let Alicia have a life, or is it Alicia who is unsure? Whatever the case, I think Peter is using Alicia to make it to the Governorship.


Cary's return is really predictable. But it's also really appreciated because I hope it means they'll do more and better with the character next year. That season he was strongly underused or baddly used.
It could also impact all the L&G dynamics and reanimate asleep relationships.


Cary is REALLY amazing actor and his role can be expanded.


This season sucked!! They only aired a few episodes which led me to take interest in others. Too used to be my favorite! The writers are terrible and obviously on vacation since last year!


No may sweeps this year?


Cary's return should make it more interesting & he deserves more face time...and when will the writers bring back will & alicia.they are so good together. what a power couple they make.


The writers of this show are so bloody predictable.Peter will get the better of Matt,run and win so why put us all through it again.Jackie will hand over the house to Peter probabiley die and thats the carrot that will have Alicia move back in with Peter.Isn't Alicia the same woman that was prepared to give Will all Peter's dirty little secrets to help with his Inditment,but now is running with the hounds.She was mad at Peter for what he was doing to Will but now crawling all over him.Peter is a sleaze but with a wife like that who needs enemies. The show could have gone many ways but this is ridiculous. Alicia wants to be a doormat again with no self respect. Finished.

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

The law is suppose to be fair, not impersonal. In fact I would argue that the law is always personal. It has to see the human side too or else it's meaningless.