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It has been four episodes now since the super team returned from Florida, and The Office still hasn't found its footing back in Scranton. "Fundraiser" featured some humorous moments, sure, but it was another continuation of the less-than-spectacular installments we have witnessed as of late.

There were highlights - such as Ryan's opening rant about Smokey Robinson, Dwight's efforts to win the silent auction or Kevin's straight forward attitude towards Andy - but even these pleasant sequences failed to make me laugh out loud. Not every comedy needs to have that skill all the time, but it definitely helps.

Senator Lipton & Angela Work a Fundraiser

In the cold open, Ryan was just being Ryan. He always has an agenda, and he usually doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. That's what makes him such a great character. Whether it is professing his love for a girl he will most likely cheat on, or pretending to have loved Smokey Robinson, Ryan will always be a douchebag.

I'm not sure which was funnier, Dwight's arrogance as he quietly outbid everyone at the silent auction by thousands of dollars, or his ridiculous celebrations after finding out he won every prize.

While the way Kevin treated Andy all episode - trying to convey the fact that losing his job was not a good thing, and being ridiculously obvious about that - was hilarious, Andy himself was once again the most frustrating part of "Fundraiser."

With only two episodes remaining in the season, I'm struggling to figure out what they're attempting to do with Andy Bernard. The character is stuck in this zone of being both horribly unfunny, and scarily depressing. Watching him sit there with all of those dogs just made me want to stop watching all together.

Whether Rainn Wilson leaves to do his own spin off show or not, The Office is going to need to change things up with Ed Helms and his character. It's not working, and it's slowly - well not THAT slowly - killing the show.

There were a couple of other things to enjoy from the half hour, such as the way Nellie ate her first taco, or Pam and Oscar bonding over the fact that Jim isn't fashionable enough to be gay, but overall "Fundraiser" was another lackluster effort on the part of The Office.

What did you think? Was it an improvement over the more recent installments? Which was the funniest moment from the half hour? Check out all the best lines from the series in our The Office quotes section and then sound off in the comments.


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Other than Andy being Andy, I didn't find anything wrong with this episode. But, I'm not trying to analyze it rather just enjoy it for what it is, a fun way to spend half an hour out of the day.
I felt the same way about Michael Scott, he's embarrassing to the point I want to cringe and hide my face rather then watch him make an ass out of him.
You might not like it, but the story is moving somewhere I think, they've now got Andy realizing he's depressed without a job at Dunder Mifflin and I don't think Nellie is going anywhere.


I did love the fact that Kevin's dog was alive!


After all the excuses being of the neccesity of putting Catherine Tate in this show..... I think it totally sucks. Nellie even doesn´t have that charisma and persona that Michael does. It totally ruined all. As for the too much complain of Andy Bernard character being pathetic and depressing, I found him in this episode as an a exact copy of Michael Scott but more ridiculous and obsolete. We don´t need another Michael, we need Andy in this one. He doesn´t makking justice to the show he is justice nailing to the ground. After all of this, I can potentially see to be the last season on september of this year.


I love Ed Helms, but Andy Bernard cannot be salvaged at this point.


A good episode ruined by Andy basically.

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