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I'm having a love/hate relationship with Touch. As with last week's episode, "Noosphere Rising" featured story lines that tugged at my heart... but there were others that almost bored me to tears.

Jake's aunt, Abigail, showed up - as we knew she would - and I wish we had a little more background on her. We know she tried to take custody of Jake about 10 years ago and now she's back trying to do it again. 

I was a little upset with Clea in those scenes. First, she should have checked with Martin before giving Jake any gifts from his aunt or anyone else. Second, I couldn't understand why she didn't take a stronger stance with the woman. Clea is Jake's therapist. Why not put Abigail on the defensive? If Abigail believes she's the better choice for Jake, take the time to convince his therapist.

Martin Tries To Connect With Jake

Instead she threw money around as though she was buying a prize, not helping her nephew. They've set her up as quite the villain but I'm hoping there's more to this story.

So was Teller a gambler because he loved numbers or did his love of numbers start with gambling? Was he using his Amelia sequence to win or just exploring how far his new system of probability would go? 

Now that he's dead I'm not sure we'll ever know, but the poker story bored me - I felt no real connection to who won or lost. There was simply no excitement in the game.

The story of Devon trying to ride Zeus just came across as silly, although the horse was gorgeous. I guessed the story's outcome when it started. By the time Devon would figure out how to ride the horse, he'd learn his lesson and give the property to someone who loved it. It was just a matter of sitting through the scenes to get to the inevitable conclusion.

Surprisingly, my favorite plot line was Natalie's blog for love. Although a little silly, I actually fell for Natalie's belief and hope in love. I especially liked how she responded when her jerk of an ex-boyfriend made fun of her video blog. In this Touch quote, she said…

Well, nobody's ever accused me of being cool. | permalink

Who hasn't been made fun of for something they loved by someone who didn't understand it?

But I did wonder if it was Celeste who ditched Paolo or did Paolo dump Celeste for Natalie. Well, true love never did run smooth.

So, at the end of the episode I'm still wondering if there is anything behind door #6 and what this Amelia sequence actually means. How far will Abigail go to get custody of her nephew from the only parent he has left and is she just an evil witch or is there more to this story?

As Touch continues, where are you hoping the story leads?


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Who is the actress who plays Natalie on this episode of Touch. Noosphere Rising


Who was the actor in the photos with Natalie? He was playing "Daryl."


When Martin writes the 1188 on the chalkboard, didn't they miss number 6?


Noone seems to be talking about the possible supernatural angle slowly unveiling with room number 6. Couple weeks ago we had the matchbox car that somehow rolled back out into the hallway from an empty room and now this week the mysteriously broken up security footage reveals a split image of someone being pushed in a wheelchair.

Eludium q36

"Noosphere Rising" was just ok, didn't really move the ball forward, one of those throw-away eps. No one has described how the ep's title applies either. Natalie's storyline totally turned me off because of the mismatch of her look to her southern drawl, that was too odd for me to take and you could easily guess the outcome too. In fact, that's the main trouble with this series, it's too hopeful and willing to have things turn for the underdog, and that makes it easily predictable. Unfort, it looks like "Touch" is trying to resurrect "Touched by an Angel", ugh.


At first I didn't understand Martin's need to go running around and putting himself in danger because of the numbers, but now I understand slightly. Jake suffers when those numbers don't work out and Martin loves his son enough to throw himself into danger to protect his son and keep him from that pain. It's sweet and it proves that he is the better parent for Jake. Still while he goes around for the numbers, who would protect Jake? Things work out oddly in the right perspective.
People jump to conclusions of what they think they know before they actually spend time understanding it. Abigail and Martin could work together on this one. Before she spends time ripping Jake from his father, she should try to understand Jake's position. It only shows that she is seeking her best interest and not Jake's. This was so far one of the best episodes this season.

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It's called prayer, the collective request sent up in unison. A shared hope.


Numbers are constant until they're not.