Up All Night Review: Put A Ring On It

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This week we closed the book on season one of Up All Night by revisiting the night Chris and Reagan agreed to get hitched.

This pivotal moment in their history together did not occur like one would have thought, though, as we learned it was Reagan who popped the question on Chris. Oh, yes, "The Proposals" was full of surprises, including the return of Kevin (Jason Lee). 

Chris Plans To Propose To Reagan

While Ava had Chris and Kevin jumping through hoops for her, Julian was my choice for best in show tonight. From changing all the radio presets in her car to 94.7 The Wave, to later convincing Kevin to propose to her, he showed that despite all his sexual advances and innuendo he really cares for her. Speaking of which, his line about his pocket Pinoccio telling a little lie while checking out the old lady at the pool had me bursting at the seems with laughter.

It warranted three rewinds on my DVR and highlighted what was a great list of Up All Night quotes featured in this season finale.

One of my favorite parts of this season was watching Maya Rudolph develop Ava into one of the best new characters on television. It would be a mistake to label her role as just a comedic one.  While she consistently delivered the funny week in and week out, Rudolph also succeeded in showing Ava to be a well balanced and multi-layered character and not just a punchline spewing caricature like the ones she made so famous on Saturday Night Live. She was both queen of the absurd, like when she noted that Chris had walked in on her at her most hirsute state, as well a liaison to level headedness when she told Kevin they should put marriage on the back burner and focus on reconnecting. 

The only thing missing tonight was one last scene featuring the always hilarious and off beat commentary of Missy. Jennifer Hall was the last member to sign on to the series but made her presence very much felt over the course of the season. Two characters who saw more screen time in the final few episodes were Terry and Gene and their anniversary dinner at the start of tonight was some of their best work. Gene snapping on his CliC reading glasses as he sprung for Terry and his entrees got the first laugh of the night from me and set the tone for a great episode. 

Cristina Applegate and Will Arnett's onscreen chemistry was evident from the first episode, but Chris and Reagan's characters continued to develop the whole season through and endeared us more and more to them each week.

Their depiction, not only of the elation that comes from being new parents, but also the resulting exasperated exhaustion was so well done and added a great level of genuineness to the show that made it so much more than a comedy. The final scene of the episode where Reagan woke up hungover and recapped with Chris, their frozen pizza, pina colada and front steps cigarettes end to their night out, was the kind of relatable humor that had me so eager to tune in each week. Chris's proposal was so amazingly awkward and sweet at the same time, it had me grinning ear to ear while watching through parted fingers. 

I know it has yet to be renewed for a second season, but after a slow start in the ratings, I think it would be a big mistake for NBC to put Up All Night to bed. With such a talented and lovable cast, I see only great things in the show's future. Thanks to the cast and crew for an amazing ride and here's to many more nights of laughter together!

If you agree with me, make some noise! Write in below with your comments and let's do our part to keep our beloved show on air! 

P.S. Wobbly ceiling fans scare me to death as well Ava! 


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I love this show!!!!!!! We need more fans - its soooo good ;) That was an awesome episode. im soo glad Kevin is back
and btw Amy is the sweetest baby ever!!


I agree with YOU...!!! Its a great series and needs to be renewed.... And Missy's character has soooo much more to give to the show...!!! It would had been fun to have seen her leading the group at the bar with the "Turn Around" show (she IS a very good singer....have sung on HBO and Broadway..!!)... Need to have writers to work with all of the talent that they have and build the bond with the group... Go NBC and build your rating with this show...!!


This show is amazing - disastrous if they don't re-up.


I look forward to this show every single week! I don't watch alot of tv, & hadnt realized last weeks episode was the finale. I set up in front of the tv, as I do every Thursday...well long story short, I came across this site while trying to figure out why the hell my show was not on...lol. Up All Night is my exhale moment. It's refreshing & sweet & hilarious & clever & I could go on & on. What will I do until next season?! NBC musn't leave me without.


wait. this show hasn't been renewed? you have got to be joking. its hilarious. good character chemistry, excellent ancillary players (missy, jason lee, teri and gene. julian - he's the most ridiculous/awesome of all of them. i too would like all my radio presets set to 94.7 The Wave). excellent finale review. reminded me a lot of why i like this show and will keep watching it next season.


Definitely the cutest show ever!!!!!There has to be a second season!!I always liked Christina Applegate, but now i LOVE her, but all the others,specially Amy,who s the sweetest, as well.


Oh, one more thing. I'm used to Will Arnett being hilarious on 30 Rock and Arrested Development. So I felt he was being wasted here, but geesh, he is so so sweet! Love the way his sweetness comes out in this show. Oh yeah - best line was when Ava told Reagan that when Reagan died Chris would be hers.


Not my favorite show, but it's gotten better with time. And with such an amazing cast, it definitely deserves another season. Maya Rudolph is hilarious, as she always was on SNL. And yeah, she gets to go a little deeper. Also, yes, loved Julien, he's a riot (I'm pretty sure he's also Moe in the new Three Stooges movie). And glad they finally got Jason Lee back! It was so weird the way he disappeared. Not a good move. I hope this means he'll be back next season.

C f ohara

AHHHH! I totally forgot to mention one of my favorite parts. When Reagan ripped open the Diaper Genie bag to look for her ring and inhaled the toxic fumes from the bundled diapers I just about lost it. Without fail, everytime I go to tie off those bags and try to press out the excess air I do the exact same thing.


I am IN LOVE with Up All Night!! One of the best shows I can ever remember being on TV!! So funny, down to earth, refreshing, intriguing, and ADDICTING. I would be so sad if there was not another season :(

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Up All Night Season 1 Episode 24 Quotes

Chris: She's blasting West Side Story.
Reagan: Yeah she does that so the intruders think there are guys rumbling with knives and stuff.

I just was so just in the moment you know? I was so drunk and in love and I just dropped to my knees and I blurted out will you marry me?