Chris: Welcome to our home Mrs. Brinkley.
Reagan: Now I can answer the phone without feeling like a slut.

Ava: This is the last time I'm going to be just medium famous.
Walter: It's all gonna change for us now. We'll probably both need Blackberry's.

Chris: Look if our guests see my well toned get away sticks, they're gonna say Reagan who?
Mr. Brinkley: Chris this is no time to be Jay Leno.

Chris: You know what my favorite Combo is?
Reagan: Zesty Salsa Tortilla?
Chris; No, us.
Reagan: Honey! That is so lame.

Reagan: You know I hate it when guys pee outside right?
Chris: Hate it or jealous?
Reagan: Jealous.

We finally finished The Wire.


See this little angel right here? She likes to hide car keys.


Get off my side!


FYI nobody calls my brother a dumb ass but me and secondly your pas de chat's super rigid.

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