Will Tyler Survive on The Vampire Diaries?

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Everyone's favorite hybrid finally returns to The Vampire Diaries April 19. But will he survive the season?

According to executive producer Julie Plec, Tyler's comeback in "Heart of Darkness" next week will spark a new "jealousy triangle" among Tyler, Caroline and Klaus. This has resulted in some speculation that Klaus may dispatch his charge, or alternatively, that Tyler may meet his demise trying to take down his creator.

But not so fast.

Tyler in the Woods

E! reports today that Tyler (Michael Trevino)'s long-awaited return is just the beginning of big things for the character, who has "big stuff coming up in season four" as well as this spring.

Sounds like a big step Forwood, or at least forward, for Big T.

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David and sabrina 2014

I'm not really interested of Tyler coming back but only if he's helpful enough for Caroline and her friends. ;P


finally, something that implies that the story doesn't revolve around elena, stefan and damon.


klaroline!!!! I will go down with this ship!!!! yes tis nice to see tyler, i would say klaus is my fav hybrid though. i'd rather the forwood/klaroline love triangle than delena/stelena love triangle. and how are the originals dragging the show down, if anything they are keeping this show more exciting than ever!!! Can't wait for the decade dance... hope the originals are still around in season 4.


Also, I'd just like to add that the originals storyline has dragged on far too long, if Klaus and Rebecca aren't killed off by the end of the season I'll be thoroughly disappointed as all they are doing is slowing down the show and taking time away from the main characters while the story goes nowhere. We need a new villain because Klaus isn't even evil anymore like he was in season two when we were kept guessing about the mystery of the Petrova doppelganger and the hybrids. The hybrids didn't even turn out that great, they were weak (and I'm disappointed they didn't go with a storyline of Jeremy being a badass hybrid hunter after he killed that hybrid on his front porch). Now Klaus and Rebecca are simply co-existing in Mystic Falls and frankly it's boring and it feels as though it's going nowhere.


I'm glad Tyler will have a bigger part in upcoming episodes, I'm sick of how much screen time Damon and especially Elena take up. Some more Stefan (without Elena), Tyler, Caroline, Klaus and even Bonnie would be nice. Also, I'd like Jeremy to move back... I miss him.


I love Klaroline!
I hope Jeremy/Tyler will somehow have more scenes together.. (you know.. in a non-friendship-y way, lol).. Jyler ftw! ♥




@Amy, Klaus isnt using Caroline, he said that his feelings are genuine and Caroline is but nevermind, im sooo happy when they have scenes :)


I'm Overjoyed to hear this.Forwood all the way.


Excited for the upcoming triangle. I love the fact that Tyler lives because that would mean there's a high probability that Klaus lives too! They are one of the hottest guys on TVD (Klaus

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