666 Park Avenue: First Trailer, Photos!

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Are you ready to move into 666 Park Avenue, ABC viewers? You might want to think for a bit before answering.

This supernatural soap opera, airing Sunday nights at 10 p.m. this fall, stars Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams as the married owners of an unusual apartment complex in New York City. What happens when Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable take over as managers of the building?

Nothing normal, that's for sure.

666 Park Avenue has landed a prime time slot, following established hits Once Upon a Time and the newly-moved-to-Sundays Revenge. ABC clearly has high hopes for the series. Will you give it a shot?

Click through the following series premiere photos as you decide and then get your first look at another new ABC drama, Last Resort.

Rachael Taylor on 666 Park Avenue
Dave Annable on 666 Park Avenur
Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams
Louise and Alexis
666 Park Avenue Scene
Terry O'Quinn on 666 Park Avenue
Welcome to 666 Park Avenue
As Jane Van Veen
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The song is: Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore


looks awesome but does anybody know what the song is, i like it?

Lemonaki myrwdato

its like more Devil's Advocate :)


looks like the same apartment in rosemary's baby.

Sarah silva

This is on my list for fall!


Would I watch this? Lets see... a cast full of my favorite actors, a supernatural element and paired with OUaT and Revenge. My answer: HELLL YEAHH!!!

666 Park Avenue Quotes

We all have our own ways of dealing with loss.


Louise: Without her I would be screwed.
Brian: That would be the idea.