90210 Review: When You Know You Know, Right?

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Call me crazy, but was I the only one who thought "A Tale of Two Parties" was one of the most amusing episodes of 90210 this season?

Oh Naomi... ever the prankster. Not one to let resentment, bitterness and hostility cloud her judgment, she tried to sabotage Madison's bachelorette party. Attempting to prove that Madison wasn't as innocent as she seemed and on the hunt to discover some deep dark flaw, she invited Nick Carter, Madison's childhood crush, to undo her. Unfortunately the only thing undone was Naomi's plan because all Madison did was bore Nick to tears going on and on about Max.

In Naomi's defense, it must have been hard watching Max and Madison fawning all over each other. They did make a cute couple. Boring, white-bread and bland, but cute.

Drunk Buddies

Personally, I like Naomi when she's at her clueless, catty best. Case in point, the scenes with her playing with the breast implants and telling the doctor Silver was in two relationships while Annie gave her the exasperated side-eye were hysterical.

And, surprisingly, it wasn't Madison who enabled the door to be left wide open for our Miss Naomi to step through - it was Max.

Liam and Navid were still going at it and decided to duke it out over Silver with a bottle of whiskey at Max's bachelor party. Seeing them also go at it at the doctor's office early on was priceless. I couldn't help but root for Navid. Didn't it seem a little stalker-ish for Liam to be waiting for Silver at the doctor's office? Honestly. He's been with her once and already he's staking a claim? At least Navid had a long-term thing with Silver. He even dropped out of Princeton to enroll in CU and look after her!

But Silver was the one who put their competition to a halt and saw that neither of them was worthy of her when neither of them manned up. She wanted a baby, she wanted to experience life, she wanted everything NOW. Good for her.

Caleb quit the seminary and started drinking. Way to go, Annie. Not only did she manage to destroy Caleb but along came Ivy who also blamed Annie for making Diego run off. She had a point. Annie needed to keep her nose out of other people's business and fix her own messes. I liked angry Ivy. Total improvement on the dull surfer girl she used to be.

Annie made amends though and managed to get Ivy and Diego to reunite for one final goodbye in which they were happily able to declare their love for one another. And seek sanctuary for Diego within the confines of Caleb's church. Perfect chance for Caleb to fix his part in that mess.

Austin brought unexpected "entertainment" to Max's bachelor party in his quest to get back at Bree. And sweet revenge he got. But no hooker with a heart of gold was she. She promptly turned the tables on Austin and pretty much got the entire party busted. Poor Max... completely befuddled the whole night. How great was Caleb's herk-jerky dance on the bar? And let's not forget Madison's freak out with the baseball bat which led to the liberating of the fish at her own shindig.

It was Adrianna who really killed it, however, with her new country song. She's always had a major set of pipes and they were in full effect at Madison's party. It was cool that she decided to keep Austin as her manager. His getting Bree to take the fall for the sorority house burning down managed to save Annie's hide. One good turn deserved another.

So, while both parties ended up with a one-way ticket to the slammer, being behind bars for what probably amounted to all of an hour did not exactly turn the gang into hardened criminals. We're talking Beverly Hills after all.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

What do you think the season finale will bring? Wedding bells for Max and Naomi? Brimstone and fire for Annie? New and improved bazooms for Silver?

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I WANT NAOMI AND AUSTIN!!!!! I do not like Max with naomi.....I can't stand the fact that he is shorter than her!!LOL!!!


Is it just me or Madison is more interesting than Ivy in this episode.. ;p btw, i'd prefer Max and Naomi together. He's just too sweet.. please let him be a regular and stay around Naomi even as a friend. Naomi needs a good guy in her life. :)


I agree with KiKi!!! Austin and Niaomi were so cute together and even though Max and Niaomi were cute I loved seeing Niaomi with Austin because he was so manly... they had more chemistry then max and niaomi


@mjtt: Austin & Ade were never an item or possibly will never be. She's still with Dixon. They haven't broken up.


Hey I live in S.A I wud just like to know wat happened to austin and adrianna I thought they were a soon to be item but episode 23 review doesn't mention or the spoilers of episode 24!!!!!why?


CONTINUED: but Adrianna sees her while waiting for Dixon and goes after Vanessa to save Silver's life. Liam and Navid's continuing and jealous conflict over Silver leads to an unexpected outcome. Elsewshere, Annie and Caleb hide Diego from the police at the church which is the location of Max and Madison's upcoming wedding as Ivy debates on what she should do next on whether to end her relationship with Diego or live a life on the run with him.


FINALE SPOILERS: In the fourth season finale, Naomi shocks everyone when she announces she won’t be able to oversee Max’s wedding because she has accepted a job in New York City and will be leaving immediately, but Max suspects that the reason for her departure is that she may still have feelings for him. Teddy returns for the wedding cerrimony and learns what went on while he was away. Dixon also returns from touring with his band where he asks Adrianna to give their relationship a second chance. Adrianna agrees, but soon regrets it when Dixon fails to show up at their meeting spot and she thinks he bailed on her again to jump on another chance for his music career, but in reality he collapses after suffering another heart murmur and leaving his life in balance. Meanwhile, Silver feels like she has to choose between Navid and Liam and makes a life-changing decision for her well being. Also, Vanessa makes one final appearance and has a lethal plan to finish off Silver, but Adrianna sees her while waiting for Dixon and goes after Vanessa to save Silver's life. Liam and Navid's continuing and jealous conflict over Silver leads to an unexpected outcome. Elsewshere, Annie and Caleb hide Diego from the police at the church which is the location of Max and Madison's upcoming wedding as Ivy debates on what she should do next on whether to end her relationship with Diego or live a life on the run with him.

Sarah silva

I really liked this episode!
As soon as Silver said to Liam and Navid that she wanted a baby right away, in order for her to have a child before she has to do the procedures I knew at that moment that is the reason Teddy comes back! He will donate his swimmers to Silver so that she can have her baby!
I like Caleb! I think he and Annie will get back together, that being said I was surprised that Annie was not more upset that Liam likes Silver and vice versa, I guess Annie and Liam are not meant to be after all if she was not the least bit upset.
I think that Ivy blaming Annie was silly. I do not know how Annie managed to find Diego but that must have been the reason she was late to the Bachelorette party. I am sure Caleb will let Diego hide out at the church as Annie will convince him.
I want Max and Naomi to get together, I was actually surprised that Max is having doubts however it was a nice change of pace to have Naomi say how great Madison is and not try and break them up but it then end Naomi will get the guy so it will be good!
I never thought it would be possible but I actually like Austin now! I like that he got Bree to end up admitting to the cops that she was the one that set the fire.
I am looking forward to the finale.
I do like Jessica Lowndes' voice, I would buy her cd if she ever makes one.


Really fun episode and I'm just waiting for Naomi and Max to get together. Max is really the love of Naomi's life and now that know the show will be returning for another season, I think they should definitely end this one with Max and Naomi together.


I liked Naomi and Austin together too. I thought it was weird that there was no spark or feelings there what so ever when he returned like nothing ever happened between them

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Madison: Thanks Naomi, you're the best.
Naomi [under her breath]: Or second best.

It's like you and Max...ancient history.


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