90210 Season 5 Scoop: Who Won't Return?

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The tide has come in for Gillian Zinser on 90210.

In a major piece of season five casting news, first reported by TV Line, the actress behind Ivy will NOT return this fall to  CW drama.

Annie and Ivy

Ivy, who first came on board during season two, was last season on the 90210 Season 4 finale heading down to Mexico with boyfriend Diego. She isn't expected to appear at all on season five.

Will you miss this surfer chick, 90210 fans?

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I want 90210 season 6 for Liam and Annie


Bring back Ethan !!!!! >.< I miss him


I just want Ethan back !!


annie&liam should get back together so should silver&navid,dixon better not die he was amazing,and hot!,I wouldn't really care if ivy left she wasn't a big part?


Who the fuck wants dixon out of the picture, he's aaawwweeesssooom who the fuck cares about the rest... Dont get me wron. I love the rest of the cast but i just love dixon a liiitttlllee morr


I love Ivy I hate the idea of her not being in season 5 she came a long way fromt being the outcast to being Naomi good friend and that's hard to....but I hope Dixon doesn't get killed off I'm mean come on now he is the only Black cast member mite stop watching if he gets killed off...oh I would like to see Liam brother come back he was sexy


Ivy didnt play a big role and her absence won't be noticed. dixon&silver,navid&ade,naomi&max and annie&liam.end couples


i want silver to live


C'mon guys... Ofcos we gonna miss ivy.. I'm totally shocked to see dixon accident in the last scene.I like dixon Though he's not trust worhthy always acting paranoid.. When the season comin out???can teddy the gay b able to gv silver a child?? Cos we knw he 4ckn gay mehnn...


I hope dixon doesn't die, i want him to live. The best couples where, Adrianna and Naveed, and Dixon and Silver!, And i hope Naveeds family gets back together and becomes rich again, those where the best days soo far!, Can't wait for season 5 to come out!! IM DYING TO SEE IT!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.