90210 Season 5 Scoop: Who Won't Return?

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The tide has come in for Gillian Zinser on 90210.

In a major piece of season five casting news, first reported by TV Line, the actress behind Ivy will NOT return this fall to  CW drama.

Annie and Ivy

Ivy, who first came on board during season two, was last season on the 90210 Season 4 finale heading down to Mexico with boyfriend Diego. She isn't expected to appear at all on season five.

Will you miss this surfer chick, 90210 fans?

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really want Lannie back in season 5! will kinda miss Ivy but they wasnt really much more the can do. I don't want Dixon to die, well i can't see them killing off Dixon anyway... I really cannot wait to season 5, i really... really want Liam and Annie back. Best couple so far in 90210, the cutest!!!


Noooo! I don't want her to go, she is my favourite, I love what she wears, I am so disapointed that she won't be in season 5 :( she better be in season 6


I thought her character was really boring. The art scenes with Diego were a real snoozefest. I will not miss the character at all, and like how they ended the storyline.


i love annie and her boyfriend coz leon has really showed annie that he loves her and annie is a great actress i really like her.


I don't mind Ivy leaving at all. I want Dixon out of the picture so Adrianna and Austin can start a romance.


what's the point of removing an actress , ivy didn't have a major part anyways but it will be useless to kick her out , we want her back!!


we're all gonna miss her . she is the only chick who is different from the others please bring her back :(


i will miss ivy, God i have loved that girl being part of the group..i would love dixon to be back but this time no more acting like a jerk...he is my fav and really knew how to pick his clothes in season 3...i miss the old dixon... also want ethan back to spice things up.


i didn't like Ivy a lot but she will be missed and i hope dixon gonna die cuz i want to see what;s gonna happen with Aied ,, am gonna stop my life just waiting for season 5 ,, and if you know when season 5 wil start please text me on my email : marian-khoury@hotmail.com


id like to see what happend with ivy and diego!!! but i can wait to watch the season 5, n i hope dixon have died! jajajaja

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.