Blue Bloods Review: Damaged

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While last week's Blue Bloods focused on Erin, "Collateral Damage" brought Jamie back into the spotlight.

Jamie's attitude bordered between understandable anger and adolescent snarkiness while Frank had him in hiding after a hit was put out on his alter ego. I realized that being taken off the job and cooped up at Dad's wasn't his first choice but his stubborn disbelief over his father's concern made him appear more childish than disgruntled.

As Henry tried to convey in this Blue Bloods quote,

Take your worst fear, multiply it by 100. You're not even in the ball park. You're not even in the parking lot next to the ball park. | permalink

That's the equivalent of Frank's fear over losing another son. Somehow the youngest Reagan couldn't garner much sympathy for his stressed out Dad.

Jamie was horrified that Frank was willing to sit back and let the hit on Noble Sanfino take place. Having been a part of the undercover operation that put Noble in the cross hairs, I could understand Jamie's sense of responsibility but the guy was still a gangster.  At some point, that life will catch up with you.

I loved the talk about what collateral damage was acceptable over Sunday dinner.  Danny's reaction certainly didn't surprise me.

Danny: Gangster justice is very efficient and it saves on tax payer dollars. | permalink

But my favorite reaction was when Henry told Jamie his heart was bleeding all over the good tablecloth. Grandpa's definitely old school and Jamie found himself alone in this fight when even Erin sided with Danny.

Frank, however told his son to work with whatever space there was between that rock and the hard place he'd gotten himself into. That Noble got shot didn't surprise me. What did was that after he was treated, they brought him to Frank's house to talk to Jamie.  I'm not sure what place would have been safer for Noble but it was a choice that definitely made me uncomfortable.

If Jamie believed that Noble would thank him for trying to save his life he was sadly mistaken. That's not the way the world works. No good deed goes unpunished is the rule more than the exception.

Jackie & Danny Investigate a Death

In other news, Danny and Jackie found Fight Club and no one seemed to have any qualms talking about it. It was filled with rich little boys with too much money and little sense. I suppose having all of that cash can get boring after a while, although I certainly wouldn't know. 

So the bosses pitted their employees against one another in the ring and used peer pressure to get them there.  The high school mentality of that was more than a little sickening. 

That the fight was rigged was even more pathetic. It was testosterone and stupidity run amock.

My favorite scene of the episode was in the very beginning as Danny dragged Jackie to the ER. When Danny worries about someone, he does something about it and he wasn't about to see his partner suffer needlessly, especially when she had no one else looking out for her.  That's what partners are for.

It also made for some humorous moments as Danny kept flashing his badge hoping to jump the line in the ER.  The nurse couldn't have cared less.

Danny: Despite what the sign says out front if you're here for an emergency you're in the wrong place. | permalink

So was Jamie's belief in the kind of officer he wants to be damaged and who do you think makes the better cop?  Danny or Jamie. 


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I dunno - they never re-visited Jackie being ill during the finale. I'll bet we are in for some sad news regarding her in the new season. Too bad - she is fabulous in this show. I love that her and Danny have a good relationship that is not sexual. Is this the first time ever on national tv that 2 stars aren't jumping into bed together? Well done! Looking forward to next season


Are you talking about Baker - Abigail Hawk?


Does anyone know who played the secretary of the firm?


I think that Danny is the better cop. Jaime is young still, so give him a break, but I'm sure we will see at least some struggling of being a cop at some point in this series. As far as Jackie and her stomach ache, they made a big deal of that. It could have been just to get into the ER so he could encounter the guy who was in the fight club, or maybe they are leading to something with Jackie being sick. I also thought bringing the mob guy to the house was not what any cop would do. Even if you are the commissioner, and it would not be hard to find out where you live, it does make it easy for the mob to find Jaime in the future. I don't think Noble, even under witness protection, would let the fact that a cop brought him down, and would let that go. I would think thats pretty much the attitude of a mob person, and he is not going to change. Not one of my favorite episodes, but I hope they have something good in store for the finale.


Love the family dynamics among the different Reagan generations. One minor quibble. I know they needed some sort of excuse to get Danny and Jackie in the ER but a tummy ache? If Jackie has stomach problems from work stress the ER is not the place to go. I'm sure the unions have seen that the NYPD has a decent medical plan. Despite what Danny says the ER is for emergencies. One final thought if these guys have all this money to waste on fight clubs, maybe the Occupy Wall Streeters are right.

Sarah silva

I loved this episode.
For Jamie was not being immature, he felt that his dad was babying him and to Jaime it made him feel like his dad did not think he was a good enought cop. Jaime even said as much to his dad when he said that if it were any other cop Frank would not put them under house arrest and then when Frank said he would just not at his house I think Jaime sort of understood. For Jaime it was also about seeing the good in Noble even though he was from a Mob family. It was very telling at the end when Jaime was talking to Frank before he left the house about seeing the good in people and so I bet that next season we will see Jaime quite the force and be a lawyer.
I think Jaime is a good cop but he has trouble with the good/bad, that is why he would make a betterlawyer and why Danny is a great detective.


I can't stand Henry. Even though Noble certainly showed his true colors in this ep., poor Jamie was trying to do the right thing and all he got from Henry was grief. Sure, a lot of perps are indeed scum and the world would be better off without them, but Henry represents everything I loathe. He's always got stories about "In my day, we'd take 'em behind the station and tune 'em up," those who want to ask questions and THEN shoot (Erin, Jamie) are bleeding-heart liberal stooges and fools, etc. The less I hear from that jerk of an old man, the happier I'll be. I wish he'd bought the farm in that heart-attack ep.


In some ways, bringing Noble to the commissioners house was the safest and smartest thing Frank did to protect Jamie. What crook would want the commissioner bringing to bear the whole of the police department onto their head? Frank ensured that Noble (or his family if Noble ever gets on their good side again somehow) would never come looking for Jamie again...
As for the better cop, it will always be Danny over Jamie, mainly because Danny will do what needs to be done without the lawyer foibles holding him back. Jamie needs to stop with the petulant child cr*p and start with the manning up!

Sue ann

I also thought that bringing that gangster to his father's house was insanely dangerous. And stupid. I pretty much agree with everything that you said; I was very disappointed with Jamie for most of the show, UNTIL he told the gangster that he was a crook, and Jamie was a cop. There may be hope for him yet. I think Danny is probably a better cop, at least for now, but he is never going to be smart enough to carry on the family tradition of being police commissioner. Jamie is smart enough, and will understand the politics better when he grows up. Assuming he lives that long.

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Take your worst fear, multiply it by 100. You're not even in the ball park. You're not even in the parking lot next to the ball park.


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