Burn Notice Season 6 to Feature Fiona in Jail, Richard Burgi

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We all know how season five of Burn Notice concluded: with Fiona taking one for Michael and the team.

And now creator Matt Nix is giving viewers a clear idea of where season six will go: with Fiona remaining behind bars.

“We wanted to do an event that would have a real impact and serious, longer term repercussions," Nix told EW last week, stating simply about Fiona and the slammer: "She’s in there for a while and it’s a big deal."

On the guest star front, meanwhile, it's already been confirmed that John C. McGinley and Taryn Manning will make appearances, while TV Line now reports that Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill) will portray a villainous loan shark on episode seven this summer.

Burn Notice returns with new episodes on June 14.

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Omg!!!! Jesse is great on the show i hope he doesn't get killed off. If they r thinkn of doin so "BIG MISTAKE"!!!!!


To Tati: why don't you like Jesse? I think he is a great addition to the show! Anyways does anyone know when the next episode will air? I can't wait til mike tears Anson apart! Any ways what a great show, I can't wait til the next episode!


i do like jesse being on the scene. He has been a great addition to the cast.I have watched Fiona and michael kiss, but when jesse and fiona kissed , that was a kiss. Michael take lessons. I hope that Jeffrey donovan has straightened up his act, personally(from what i read on the computer for arrest). the actors don't realize how easily they become role models. I do hope that season 6 doesn't turn out to be the last season, but I know it must be hard to come up with so many different scenerios. I wouldn't be at all shocked if everyone needed a break to do something different. I actually just started watching this tv series this year. i went on netflix to watch the first 4 seasons and the bought season 5 at amazon. It has been very good. good luck cast on whatever is done after this.


i do like burn notice, but i could do without the curse words. the curse words actually take away from the show.


Did fiona get a new hair color I love the dark hair


when is season 6 airing in australia ??


Wow, burn notice keeps gettin better and better, especially after introducing one of my favourite stars of one of my favourite shows scrubs, perry? welcome on board


Have they killed off Jesse yet? That's the only way I can go back to watching this show. I loved it til they introduced him. He ruined the dynamics between the characters, for me :(


looks to me like the team is taking Miami apart brick by brick to get our girl out. i really hope Micheal kills Anson. and no sooner does Fiona get into Federal Prison no sooner does the prison start falling apart. hahaha, that's my girl!!

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