Castle Season 5 to Focus on the "Aftermath," Creator Teases

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched the Castle season four finale. Seriously... STOP!

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Okay, phew. That was close.

On "Always," Castle finally went there. Or, should we say, a dripping wet Kate Beckett finally went there, answering the prayers and pleas of millions of Caskett fans. How will this hook up affect season five?

Creator Andrew Marlowe tells Zap2It that there won't be any kind of significant time jump because "I think everybody is going to want to see what the aftermath looks like."

In fact, the Castle producer adds, there may not be any time jump at all: "[Fans] are going to want to see what it looks like when they wake up in the morning. And I think that's a promise that we have to honor."

Don't expect any sudden second-guessing or back-tracking, either. Marlowe sounds all in with the decision it took four seasons to reach.

"We're looking forward to... dealing with the two characters in a relationship, what that relationship is going to look like and the challenges that they're going to have," he says.

Read the full interview with Marlowe now and then give the Castle season finale a grade:

UPDATE, 7/9/12: Marlowe has confirmed that the Season 5 premiere will pick up immediately, and also that he has every intention of keeping Castle and Beckett in a "relationship."


Why can't we have a steady program of Castle no end of seasons; really hate that we have to wait until the Fall....that's 4 mos away!!!


Our entire family enjoys this program because it is so well written and we really like the characters ! Great !!
However, there seems to be an subtle inference that the bad guys who are after Beckett are spec ops and that does not sit well with anyone in our family since we believe that our special forces should be portrayed in a positive light. Something to consider.


And with those comments, Andrew Marlowe has officially become my favorite American showrunner (favorite showrunner ever is still Steven Moffat - sorry, AM). He clearly understands the importance of thinking things through, having a clear vision for the show and portraying relationships between the characters in a realistic manner. I have been consistently impressed with what he's done over the last 4 seasons and I can't wait to see what he's going to come up with next year. :)


I LOVED THAT FINAL EPISODE "ALWAYS" 4.5 out of 5... Whew, it was hot! Had to take a cold shower afterwards. First time I didnt care about the bad guys ha ha... I have a suggested story arc for those wonderful guys behind this series. WHAT IF THAT FRIEND OF MONTGOMERY (MR SMITH?) TURNS OUT TO BE A SUPER SECRET AGENT - MAKES SHORT WORK OF THAT COCKY SNIPER, AND TURNS OUT TO BE CASTLE'S GUARDIAN ANGEL SENT BY NO LESS THAN SUPER SUPER SECRET AGENT: (TARAAH!) CASTLE'S LONG ABSENT DAD (WASNT THIS HINTED IN EPISODE PANDORA?)


Don't get me wrong, I love Castle, I love Beckett, I love the idea of them together but... as soon as a show chooses too, finally, allow the two main characters to 'get it on' the show, whatever it is, starts to go on a slow decline. Let's just hope it doesn't happen with Castle :)


I really love this show - best on TV at the current time. Would hate to see anything go wrong with the relationship that finally came to be (I was really getting tired of yelling "kiss her already" at the tv)- love this show - keep up the very good work


nathan is a great actor, loved the scene where he put it all on the line. great episdoe, i liked it a lot!


thing is for any show there will always be haters but if i show brings joy and happiness to the viewer they are doing something right yes haters will always hate but lovers will always outweigh the haters.


yeah I was wondering if they were going to mess it up by making them have a one night stand hence my no comment on the last ep yet.
I thought that a one night stand would seriously stuff things up, glad to see them moving on together.
Also did want to see the next morning aftermath and wondered if Kate was going to do a runner out the door! Glad to see No.
thanks for the spoiler :)


I'm glad they finally got together cause it was starting to become a drag. Though I wonder if Beckett has an ulterior motive to getting together with Castle. Not that I don't think she wants to, but Castle is also her last lead to her mother's case so there's alot of potential for the storyline to evolve in that direction.

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