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Castle Season 5 to Focus on the "Aftermath," Creator Teases

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched the Castle season four finale. Seriously... STOP!

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Okay, phew. That was close.

On "Always," Castle finally went there. Or, should we say, a dripping wet Kate Beckett finally went there, answering the prayers and pleas of millions of Caskett fans. How will this hook up affect season five?

Creator Andrew Marlowe tells Zap2It that there won't be any kind of significant time jump because "I think everybody is going to want to see what the aftermath looks like."

In fact, the Castle producer adds, there may not be any time jump at all: "[Fans] are going to want to see what it looks like when they wake up in the morning. And I think that's a promise that we have to honor."

Don't expect any sudden second-guessing or back-tracking, either. Marlowe sounds all in with the decision it took four seasons to reach.

"We're looking forward to... dealing with the two characters in a relationship, what that relationship is going to look like and the challenges that they're going to have," he says.

Read the full interview with Marlowe now and then give the Castle season finale a grade:


UPDATE, 7/9/12: Marlowe has confirmed that the Season 5 premiere will pick up immediately, and also that he has every intention of keeping Castle and Beckett in a "relationship."

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So, I've read several comments of people who question the validity of Kate and Rick finally "connecting" in the season 4 finale. I think Marlowe's comments should put a smackdown on all the doubters -- and haters -- of the Caskett relationship. I love the quirky murder storylines, and the banter between Esposito and Ryan, Castle and his mom/daughter, and Lanie vs. everyone. But the foundation of this show is the relationship between Castle and Beckett. Despite the idiotic focus on Fillion's girth, the relationship is REAL; it's substance (intellectual and emotional chemistry) vs. style (superficial physicality). And, there's obviously been a physical attraction for a long, long time (anyone see the hotel scene when they were in L.A.?)...