CW President Talks Future of Gossip Girl, Supernatural... The Selection?

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Immediately following his network's Upfront presentation in New York today, CW president Mark Pedowitz looked forward and looked back in press conference with reporters, yours truly included.

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Among the topics covered:

  • Pedowitz lamented the demise of Ringer as a "serialized" show and said it may have worked better if it ran consecutive new episodes: "The show was well-crafted, well-produced, well-written, but... after it finished a run in the fall and came back in January, the audience went somewhere else. And it just could not find the 18-34 demo that we hoped.”
  • Such thinking is why The CW will air Cult in midseason, running all 13 new episodes in a row.
  • On Supernatural, which has made the unusual move back to midweek: "I'm not looking at Season 8 as the final year in any way, shape or form."
  • On the final season of Gossip Girl: It may be 10 episodes, it may be 11. But the goal is to conclude its run in 2012 and include a retrospective at some point.
  • The Selection is not dead. It even air in January, but is being retooled, with only Aimee Teegarden guaranteed to remain part of the cast.
  • Yes, new episodes will not air until October across the board. But this will mean no reruns until December, with the exception of Thanksgiving week.

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Finally a network executive who realized that not airing new episodes every week hurts the shows. How many shows have been canceled because of inconsistent schedules?


Pedowitz also said the farewell could also include a retrospective. “I’m a big believer that shows that have lasted a long time and shows that have have iconic roles on network should be give closure to the fans in a way that makes sense,� he said. On the red carpet, executive producer Josh Schwartz seemed keen on the idea of a short final season order, saying, “It’s season 6. A lot of stories have been told. We celebrated our 100th episode this year and all you want is the opportunity to bring the show to a close in a way that’s satisfying for fans. Eleven episodes is the perfect amount, actually,� he said. Meanwhile, fellow executive producer Stephanie Savage is most looking forward to wrapping up some of the show’s long-running storylines, like the Chuck and Blair saga. “The end of the finale was definitely an import moment for them and that’s something we’re going to build of of in season 6,� she said. “It’s definite bittersweet that the show is coming to an end but it’s also a very exciting storytelling opportunity to know that the choices we make are really going to matter to bring everything to fruition.�


i definitely signed the petition to bring the ringer back. if they don't bring the ringer back i will have nothing to watch after Gossip Girl is done :( No more CW for me :(


I really, really hate that this guy canceled The Secret Circle. What a douchbag. I love that show, and I REALLY loved watching it right after The Vampire Diaries. BRING BACK THE SECRET CIRCLE!!!!!


Great news for Supernatural! I definitely don't want season 8 to be its final, I hope it reaches a 10th season!!


Soooo why did they cancel TSC?? It stayed steady all year...that's the one show that I will miss it was getting sooo dark it still a week later makes me mad!!


So basically Ringer is getting punished for their mistake. They should at least give it a second chance especially since they're changing things. So many people want that show back. I know there is a petition started at I hope at least another network will pick it up.


What does a retrospective mean for gossip girl?


Glad they realize hiati are evil.

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