Daniel Gillies Teases "Hot Mess" of "Tragedy" on The Vampire Diaries Finale

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For those of you who have not yet watched The Vampire Diaries season three finale promo (below), consider this a SPOILER ALERT.

Daniel Gillies will return as Elijah on "The Departed." What brings this Original back to town? Gillies wasn't exactly forthcoming in a recent chat with E! News, but he did refer to a "hot mess" of Mystic Falls events, added that Elijah will be needed to "restore order" and:

"It's deeply tragic. You can expect some tragedy. That's all I can really say. Whatever's happening with this group of people is about to be changed forever."

Quadruple gulp.

On a far more pressing, personal level, Gillies also chatted with the site about Isaias Quintana, a two-year old battling a rare form of cancer, and talked about the foundation he's set up to help the toddler.

Read the full interview with Gillies to find out a lot more about this important cause.

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Bored Now and Amie both nailed it. I have a faint feeling that Season 4 may actually be worse than Season 3.....


What is wrong with you people? If you don't like The Vampire Diaries then don't bloody well watch it!!! I, personally, think it is THE BEST show on tv and the only tv I bother to watch. I have loved this series as much as the other 2 series and am on the edge of my seat waiting for the finale.
I've stopped guessing what will happen because they surprise me every time and I love that!! Long live The Vampire Diaries....it's number ONE!!!


Sadly, I think it's going to be Matt. He's expendable at this point. He's not dating Caroline anymore, and his family is gone. Unless he turns..he's gone.


Unfortunately, Matt's going to die to restore the order of balance that fallen apart creating another vampire

David and sabrina 2014

This episode willturn out shocking and surprising at the same time and I can't wait for its arrival this week. XD =D =O


Sorry to offend your eyes "R" lol


So...I have a feeling that the "balance" Abby talked about last episode may or may not have been whoever was driving the car when Elena's parents died. This could work, as I don't remember anyone saying that the witch had to be standing/sitting/kneeling over the "balance" to make it happen. Just a theory.


It had to happen at the end of s2 tops, preferably at the end of S1 when elena was still bearable character so we could CARE on what she is going through. And since the show is trying to convince me that this "triangle" is the core of TVD, if Elena turned either at the end of s1 or s2, it would have helped this triangle a LOT! Like Elena would get to know both brothers better and thus connect with Both of them - hence the triangle would have developed properly.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

It's too soon Too soon? its allready too fucking late. It had to happen at the end of s2 tops, preferably at the end of S1 when elena was still bearable character so we could CARE on what she is going through.


I think the whole third season would be a total waste of time at least concerning the triangle drama storyline, if Elena chooses Stefan. It's about time that she makes a choice though. I loved the last episode when she explained her actions to the Salvatores. I hope that the big tragedy isn't that Elena becomes a vampire. It's too soon and I think she should only become a vampire if she wants to and after she had children (if that's what she wants) i.e. she shouldn't become a vampire until the last episode of the last season of the vampire diaries. But if it is a BIG TRAGIC finale that is probably what's going to happen. The only other thing that could even be able to measure up to that scenario is if Damon, Stefan, Elena or Jeremy dies. And the first three are the center characters of the show and Steven R. McQueen has already confirmed that he will be in the forth season of TVD. I could perhaps imagine an ending that leads to Matt's death (seen the promo?) but that wouldn't be as tragic as everybody is expecting the finale to be.

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