Desperate Housewives Review: Dirty Laundry

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Try as I may, my eyes can’t seem to ignore the sometimes trashy magazines that are placed so immediately close to the checkout lines at the grocery store. I can honestly say that the cover is the only thing that I’ll read off of those things.

This week, Fairview’s newsstands were filled with magazines with Bree’s plastered face and a title that read: “Housewife Airs Dirty Laundry in Murder Trial." Seriously, it’s no wonder how quickly assumptions are made as some gossipy residents gave Gaby just a piece of their minds concerning Bree’s innocence.

Gaby Offers Comfort

Perhaps the only high note for Gaby tonight was defending Bree to the two presumptuous gossipers. While Lynette and Susan had a hard time believing that Gaby wasn’t having any difficulty sleeping, I knew better. Somehow I figured all along that Gaby wouldn’t be facing a restless night prior to Bree’s day on the stand.

I almost thought that Gaby was going to save the day and come to Bree’s rescue with the truth. It’s a shame that all she brought was a scarf. By the way, where the heck was Carlos as Bree was standing trial for a crime that he committed?

Speaking of which, poor Bree! I really felt for her as her darkest secrets were brought to light and definitely when she had to read her suicide letter aloud. There’s nothing more I want than for the truth to come out about Gaby’s connection to Alejandro and what really happened on that unforgettable night. What are your expectations as Bree continues to stand trial for a murder that she did not commit?

Elsewhere: I was annoyed when Lynette wasn’t all too bothered with playing a role in Tom’s job relocation until he mentioned how much he would miss her. I thought it was totally messed up as she watched their upset children react to the news. All she really asked Tom about was how Jane was feeling. Talk about selfish.

By the way, I spent a week in Mumbai summers ago and couldn’t imagine spending an entire year there. It’s a good thing Lynette came to her senses and asked Tom’s boss to reconsider the India trip. However, thanks to Lynette, Tom lost his job after punching his ass of a boss in the face for calling Lynette a bitch. It appears that Jane’s out of the picture now, and Lynette just might get back with Tom. These two have so much work to do if they are really going to make their marriage work and Lynette needs to come clean about her role in Tom’s near relocation.

Meanwhile, Julie was worried about Porter losing interest in being a dad. I loved that Susan found the perfect solution for her to help raise her grandchild: allow Julie to finish her Ph.D., and give Porter the opportunity to find himself. I also appreciated the moment when Susan reminisced over how amazing a father Mike was with MJ, and am so stoked to see Mike's return next week. 

Overall, tonight’s installment wasn’t the strongest by any means, but served as the perfect way to prepare us for the series finale. There’ll be birth, death and many more surprises as promised by the promo, and you can bet I’ll be prepared with a fully loaded tissue box (as should you).

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? What was your favorite moment of "The People Will Hear?" Join me next week as we take one last stroll down Wisteria Lane and share your predictions for the two-hour series finale. Also, don't forget to check out our Desperate Housewives quotes section.


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After the incident with Gabby's girls where Gabby seemed to have thoughts pass of a guilty conscience I was very disappointed that all she did was bring Bree a scarf. And as you said, where IS Carlos during all this and how come he isn't feeling the guilt? I don't think he even brought it up once.
I'm not sure what to think of Lynette. She hasn't dated anyone all that time and she does love Tom for sure. She's not perfect and with all the tricks that Jane pulled it doesn't seem too awful. The only thing is there is only one episode left to get back together and he thought he saw her with another man! We now see Susan's "out" moving out of Wisteria Lane. Can't wait to see all the past "dead" people coming back. I'm guessing it must be in flashbacks!! I haven't seen Ms. McCluskey lately. Maybe she'll be the one to die next week. The previews kind of looked like it might centre around Renees wedding. So much to wrap up! I'm totally sad they're ending :( Why, why? Why are they ending seriously? Shows have gone on longer!


i wanted moreeee, i need that emotion, thar spectaculo spectacular moment in the end, that i would say OMG im so f***ing surprised, so exited, i really wanted tha "to be continued" in the end of the episode!