Eureka Review: I Am Jack's Consciousness

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It’s good to see things getting back to normal in Eureka. From random meat exploding to Martha going crazy and Jack swapping bodies with random people, it seems like another typical day in "Jack of All Trades."

We call all agree that no matter how quiet things are, the moment Warren Hughes crosses into Eureka’s city limits, it’s all going to start going horribly wrong. Okay, that’s not fair, it’s not Warren’s fault. Things go sideways regardless of his visits. It’s just funnier when he visits! 

Carter Acts Oddly

Of course, the big shocker was Jack proposing to Allison and her accepting! We also had the tiny glimmer of hope that Holly’s consciousness might still be in the Matrix. I wish they had made a little bigger deal about Fargo’s decision to turn off the Matrix and risk losing the information. For such a tough choice, it really needed more screen time. 

We also had Jo admitting to Allison (in Jack’s body) that she had thought about them being together, but it meant nothing, and Allison rudely not saying who she was OR coming clean about it later. I know, she got side tracked by Jack proposing, but seriously, Jo should know it wasn’t Jack she was talking too! 

I will admit, however, that I'm done with the whole "Jo with Jack in the Matrix" story element. They did a fabulous job of using it ever way they could in this episode. Zane and Jack swapping back just as Allison walked in and Jo was kissing Zane in Jack's body was awesome. But please let that be the end of it! 

This brings us to the meat and potatoes of the outing. I have to give kudos to Colin Ferguson (Jack), Niall Matter (Zane), Neil Grayston (Fargo), and Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison); they all did a great job of being Jack or, in Ferguson’s case, being Allison, Zane and Fargo. Grayston as “Jack” had his stride down and Ferguson’s “Allison” had me rolling with the attempted hair flips and pouty looks. Great job everyone, I loved it!

While the “body swapping” trope is as old as science fiction, when you are able to mix in some great actors and a strong mix of comedy and drama, it becomes a reliable recipe for a fun hour. Not to mention that all the swaps generated some great Eureka quotes

What do you think of this week’s offering? Who was the best Jack? 


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AWESOMESAUCE! When Fargo & Jack first swapped, Grayston & Ferguson's impersonations of each other were spot-on, it made my inner fangirl squee. I also enjoyed the Zane/Jo/Jack/Allison fiasco but will agree the whole matrix-bit is getting tired. I can take the dealing with being mind-raped, but the relationship crap has got to go. (I'm currently playing catch-up on Hulu which just added this episode to my queue. Taking FOREVER!) And is it just me or is Zane just a skosh more immature jealous than Allison is? Warren Hughes always get the interesting disasters during his visits. He must feel so honored. :) The proposal was sweet and romantic, but Allison was caught off guard when she was about to question Jack about Jo (and possibly tell him about their talk?). I didn't see anything wrong with what Jo said. I'm still upset with Allison's behavior, but the look on Jo's face when Jack proposed? Something tells me that the matrix-coupling-romantic-drama isn't over. I also don't like Allison keeping her talk with Jo a secret. She'd best tell Jack about it soon else I'll be pissed. Poor Fargo. I would've liked more on the Holly thing, but he just wanted to nip things in the bud (which is what he'd been trying to do) so I can understand his decision. (But he's a genius after all. Like he's just going to let it go and not find a way to retrieve the files without frakking up Jack or anyone/anything else.) And Grace and Henry. As sad as I am about the current status of their relationship, I appreciate her honesty about it. (Maybe her own “walkabout� will do her some good.) Overall, the episode ROCKED! Biggest kudos go to (drum roll please) Colin Ferguson for his portrayal of Fargo/Zane/Allison. His portrayal of each of them was so wickedly awesome and spot-on, it made me all kinds of squeetastic inside. It's refreshing, fantastic, and shows his range as an actor (and the fact that he, too, can perform all the scientisty dialogue).

Aja bird

GJL: I don't think the Senator would be smart enough to figure a way out. Not in the way Holly would.


Did anyone consider that it might not be Holly still in the Matrix but the Senator that is trapped?
Remember her? Being stuck in the Sheriffs station?
Just a thought.


You forgot one of the best quotes:
"Does this LOOK like my happy face?! No, this doesn't look like my face at all!!" I think it's Jack's line.


I enjoyed the episode very much, and to be honest i kinda like the Jack and Jo thing i mean the Jack and Alison thing just kinda grates, would love ot see him move on that would be a twist!


I agree with the review. Fargo as Jack and Jack as Fargo were the best. I thought they were going to have Holly's pattern in Jack and then have "Holly" die to save Jack. I wish it wasn't obvious what was causing the switches.


Colin Ferguson as Fargo was the best part of the night! I was dying laughing. I agree, I'm over the Jack and Jo thing, but I'm glad Holly may still be alive! Love Felicia Day!


They certainly went for the eye candy in this episode. Allison looked incredible in the bedroom scene, and then they rewarded the ladies with similar shots of Zane...


Am I the only one who did NOT see Grace's leaving coming? I mean, I get that of all the folks, she would be one of two with the hardest time. After all, it isn't everyday that the person you love most tries to kill you and that you have to kill him. I just didn't know it was going to happen. I do hope she comes back for the series finale. She has really grown on me, as has her relationship with Henry.
I did enjoy the body swapping it made for some very funny moments. Though I must agree, Allison needs to own up to Jo that she was in Jack's body when they talked. I think I'm going to miss this least it will hopefully end with an Eureka wedding! And in Eureka, a wedding is never what it seems!


* proposing

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Eureka Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Warren: In case things don't go well, Sheriff I will need you to handle the redactions.
Jack: That doesn't sound "breezy"

Vincent: Zane forgot his sunglasses
Jack: Oh, I will take them to him [picks up sunglasses] Wow, nice shades Ponch!