Gossip Girl Burning Questions: What Just Happened?!

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What we just witnessed in the Gossip Girl Season 5 finale was the show hitting the reset button in preparation for its swan song next fall. "The Return of The Ring" was in many ways a return to its roots.

With so many intriguing twists, unresolved issues, and controversial resolutions to various storylines, it's hard to know where to begin analyzing the finale and what its events portend for Season 6.

Among the many burning questions: Was Blair's decision the right one, and will it last with Chuck this time? Is Serena's dark turn a good thing for the character? And is Dan ... no, he couldn't be, right?

Weigh in on these matters and many more in the polls below:

Return of the Basses

Biggest surprise of the finale?

Did B make the right choice?

Will she and Chuck last?

Do you like that Serena went dark?

Ivy back in the mix ...

Who would you most like to see return?

Is Dan Gossip Girl?

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okay... chair can be a thing again fine... but blair better apologize for wasting dan's time and if chuck seems even vaguely smug or dismissive i give dan my blessing to punch him - how's that for a season 1 throwback? - sorry i guess i'm just a fan of the underdog no more derena, please... i'm begging you


I hope serena and nate get back together! and chuck and blair ofcourse. Season 3 was the best. i don't like lola, or ivy either.
all i need is NSBC!!!


Bring li'l J back! Make her Gossip Girl


It's okay to disagree. But I'm glad that you opened my favorite topic - Dan book. The book Inside raises more questions than it gives the answers. It remains unclear why Dan was poor described Serena in his book Inside? Dan has written his book 3 years, he started at the beginning of season 2, and ended at the end of season 4. Also, it remains unclear why Blair was the star of the book Inside? Is it, because Dan was from the beginning in love with Blair, or he has angry with Serena? Or simply just want to be part of the UES? These are all questions to which there is no definitive answer. As for Rufus, and how he was described in the book Inside, and that partly remains unclear? My theory is that Dan has angry at Rufus, because he was divorced from his mother, Alison. Dan was never too much loved Lily, and of course never accepted Lily as a new mother. The relationship of Dan and Lily, has more to relationship of Dan and Serena.


@Zoran we agree on disagreeing. The thing about GG is of course (s)he hurt everyone, even him/herself. That's what (s)he does, exactly like Dan in his book.


I do not agree with you that Dan could be GG! For me the only link that Dan might be GG is what happened in the episode 24x5. That Dan put to the test Blair and Serena. But it is nowhere near enough evidence that promoter Dan to be GG. On the other hand, evidence that Dan is not GG have a lot. When Serena was out of the train at the railway station, Melani91 first saw her and she took the picture by phone and immediately sent to GG. Immediately after that Dan saw Serena. Dan and Serena were in the same place at the same time. A picture of Serena GG immediately released. So Dan was not able to do as he was with Jenny and Rufus. The second thing I just now read (thanks @ pty) refers to the announcement of GG to Lily and Rufus had a son - Scott. Dan has previously revealed that through Chuck that he have half-brother. But Serena, Jenny and Erik did not know it. Rufus has asked Dan that he does not say to Serena, because Lily wanted to tell them. GG was hurt Dan and everyone else.


@Zoran Considering just the pilot (I will watch the rest in the next weeks) I believe the following are the hints of Dan=GG (it would really help me confirm or debunk my theory if there was a list of all GG's blasts online): Yes, he didn't spot Serena, but he could have publishes it anyway when it arrived.
He closed up his computer while GG when the voice-over finished her blast. (Long shot this one)
GG didn't sleep all night, looks like Dan might have not either (but so did Jenny).
The final blast defines Serena as a hero. Why it can't be Eric: he tried to kill himself for the love of god. I will keep posting "why it should be Dan" in the next days here, if you're interested (but I'll do it anyway).


@ Two Viviers
I agree Blair should of shown up @ Dan's door. Doesn't one of the emails Dan deleted say she would send Darota to Brooklyn if he didn't respond? Why wouldn't she go herself? But moving forward, it would be cool if Dan dug up some dirt on Bart while doing research for his book & he gave the info to Chuck. Maybe that would bring them all together in the end.
Still liked Dair but the writing sucked & I knew they didn"t have a chance.


i absolutely loved the episode:):):) chuck and blair all the way to the alter:):)


Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.