Gossip Girl Burning Questions: What Just Happened?!

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What we just witnessed in the Gossip Girl Season 5 finale was the show hitting the reset button in preparation for its swan song next fall. "The Return of The Ring" was in many ways a return to its roots.

With so many intriguing twists, unresolved issues, and controversial resolutions to various storylines, it's hard to know where to begin analyzing the finale and what its events portend for Season 6.

Among the many burning questions: Was Blair's decision the right one, and will it last with Chuck this time? Is Serena's dark turn a good thing for the character? And is Dan ... no, he couldn't be, right?

Weigh in on these matters and many more in the polls below:

Return of the Basses

Biggest surprise of the finale?

Did B make the right choice?

Will she and Chuck last?

Do you like that Serena went dark?

Ivy back in the mix ...

Who would you most like to see return?

Is Dan Gossip Girl?

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The actor who plays Eric was given a major role in the series which is filmed in LA. Because of that there is no time for him to go back to NYC! But since the 6 season will be shortened, perhaps Eric will be return!


Lots of the women featured on this show rely on their "one big love" again and again. The bigger love is the one that makes them independent: Blair is free with Dan, Serena is less UES with Dan, Lily is a more approachable person with Rufus. Returning to the bains of their existence is a story line every person can relate to. Next season should be ripe with personal inventories and redemtion with the onslaught of what makes these women truly beautiful: a partner that allows them to be free! GG looked skinny and it'll probably be a new character from high school, 'cause arent' these people still not 20?... and Eric should return b/c what did he do that was so bad to have to take a leave from NY?


You're wrong, nowhere in the episode 1x1 you do not see that Dan was GG. Your theory is based on the fact that Dan looks on GG site on his laptop. But they all follow what is happening on the GG site. And Serena and Dan were in the train station at the same time because their trains arrived at the same time. Dan was not the first who saw Serena, and Dan has not send a snapshot of Serena from the station, but Melani91 did, which she is one of the suppliers for the GG.


You know I am a Chair shipper from the word go but I just didn't like how Blair ended things with Dan. And mailing him won't work. She needed to just show up at his door and explain herself. Didn't she tell Eleanor he was her best friend?! She should have tried to salvage the friendship and the compatibility.


Why the heck does Bart get to have Lily and the company but he berates Chuck for wanting Blair and tells him he can't have both


It's Dan. Gossip Girl is Dan: the first 6 minutes of the first episode in S1 even suggest it. Plus the scandalous book. My money is on him.




GG is Dorota.


I believe Dan will need Georgina's photographic memory for information on the childhood years of NJBC and the scandalous lives of their parents, remember she took Chucks virginity when Dan never even knew they existed. It's not set in stone that Dan is GG but it is a possibility if the writers decide to go down the route. It makes sense in my opinion. If a dude can judge and trash his Dad by literally calling him a douchey house husband then who else is safe?


Kate was not a royal, they had their ups and downs for years (just saying) and I'm sorry but a love story is still a love story, and it will always be. You don't love someone because it is the safe and easy thing to do. I'm just saying I see some similarities here in losing someone and getting the right person back. You call it toxic, because someone makes mistakes (yes even a big one) and learns from it to be a better person? Chuck admits his mistakes, fights for what he believes and I hope they end up together.


Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.