Gossip Girl Burning Questions: What Just Happened?!

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What we just witnessed in the Gossip Girl Season 5 finale was the show hitting the reset button in preparation for its swan song next fall. "The Return of The Ring" was in many ways a return to its roots.

With so many intriguing twists, unresolved issues, and controversial resolutions to various storylines, it's hard to know where to begin analyzing the finale and what its events portend for Season 6.

Among the many burning questions: Was Blair's decision the right one, and will it last with Chuck this time? Is Serena's dark turn a good thing for the character? And is Dan ... no, he couldn't be, right?

Weigh in on these matters and many more in the polls below:

Return of the Basses

Biggest surprise of the finale?

Did B make the right choice?

Will she and Chuck last?

Do you like that Serena went dark?

Ivy back in the mix ...

Who would you most like to see return?

Is Dan Gossip Girl?

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If DAN were GG why the hell would he take Georgina to Italy (her photografic memory etc) to help him write his book , if he would have all the GG blasts .. Seriously I don't think GG is a man , GG sent someone to pick the laptop and Nate will follow that lead and\if they decide to reveal who GG really is .. As for CHAIR , soo HAPPY they are back hope they keep them happy and togetjer for the 11 ep and make the season revolve around plotting against GG or other drama , chair should rest and by endgame , maybe focus on Serena and Nate .. Hope dan stays and outsider forever with Rufus in Bkyln were they belong with their overjudging hypocritcal lame selfs


bring back vanessa


Omg!! Wat the hell are u all thinking? Dan is NOT gossip girl. He is to inlove with serena and to much of a "friend" and a coward. I'm pissed off at the writers for not letting chair be. I miss them!!! Wtf are u doing to gossip girl, writers? Serenas gone mad,nate is like off our radar,lilys being a bitch and why is ivy back. I mean if you wanna talk about bad characters she is at the top of the list. Where are all the good characters and villans like jenny and eric and damian. Come on writere pull it together!!! At least start with bringing and keeping CHAIR!!!


Please don't compare Kate and William to Chair. Its a ridiculous idea. I'm pretty certain William and Kate never demonstrated the same toxicity that Chair have. What you described is an adult way to deal with a relationship - Chair have never managed to do that. Besides the royals are older and live in a completely different environment to the mere commoners is the UES. Mental comparison!


I also agree with @thefan and others who say Dan is GG. It actually makes perfect sense that he would call himself "Lonely Boy" because he didn't spare himself nor his own father in his scathing novel about the Upper East Side "Inside". Remember how Vanessa telling him he wants in on the UES even more than Jenny? Also remember how obsessed he was with Serena since they met up at a birthday party? Who has been the most targeted by GG? Serena! I can't remember when exactly the NJBC said GG started blogging but I will look back at old episodes and I think it will fall within the time Dan's obsession with her started. Either way, I honestly want Dan and Serena to be at a dark place at the same time and maybe, just maybe find their way out of self destruction back into each others arms because out of love, Serena brought him into the world he badly wanted to be a part of with a pure heart and he really did love her and bring out the best in her.


Oh yeah and btw Lily is such a bitch these days! Poor Rufus... But then again I think its going to be fun to watch this love triangle


Yaaaa, this could have been subtitled, Blair finally wakes up and comes to her senses... thank you Sarah, you are on the right track. Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. To all the Dair people who sniff not real life, I say: what about William and Kate??? Met in early college,swept off their feet, loved each other, lived together, on and off relationship for years, fascinating story, beautiful people, close circle of friends and high living, she waits for him, he needs to grow up and become a man, they break up, heartbreaking and sad, and in the tabloids,they date other people and miss each other and realize they love each other, he wins her back and FINALLY GIVES HER THE RING!!! BIG ROMANTIC WEDDING WITH EVERYONE HAPPY! Kinda reminds me of Chuck and Blair....


Hmmm..interesting set up for next season! Serena is back to where she begun. Chuck will have to fight back for what he created those 3 years...I felt bad for the guy...Bart is so rude!! But I'm sooo happy Chuck didn't accept Blair just like that, after all he did for her this season she acted like a total bitch lol! But lets see how its gonna turn out. I think the Dan/Goergina arc will be interesting too, Dan seems REALLY pissed off! Like I never see him before....Im worried!!! But overall it was a nice episode and can't wait for next fall!:)


ugh i hate that serena went 2007 again, that's the way she'll lure everybody back in again because they feel sorry and guilty (blair) or try to save her (dan). i have always been annoyed of ivy but now i want to see her take lily down as she turned into a total monster a few episodes ago.


Excellent @ pty, I agree with you that Dan is not GG. Also you are right for Serena, congratulations. While Serena controlled site of GG, she did not want to attack Dan and Blair. She first had the most reason to attack them, but did not want to jeopardize her friendship with Blair. And Serena chose to wait to Dan and Blair break up.
@sol, It is true that Taylor Momsen is no longer an actress, but playing music. Probably she will not return in season 6. But the character of Jenny may be returned, which will play a different actress.
@gggggg, I agree with you that Dan is not GG. You explained it well.


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