Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: You Again!?

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Guess who's back.

Promotional photos for next week's Gossip Girl season finale have been released, and wouldn't you know it, Georgina Sparks (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg) returns yet again to shake things up.

Her latest reappearance comes as a bit of a surprise, as she's been MIA in episode synopses and Gossip Girl spoilers this spring. What do you think G's return portends for Dan, Blair, Chuck and Serena?

It could shed light on the bombshell dropped at the end of last night's episode (see our Gossip Girl review), given her connections to the infamous laptop. Could G have leaked the diary page and not S?

We'll find out next Monday as the fifth season comes to a close.

For now, follow this link for two season finale promos and click to enlarge photos from "The Return of the Ring," including shots of Chuck and Bart, Chuck and Blair and Dan and Blair, below:

Georgina Sparks and Dan Humphrey
Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf Picture
Return of the Basses
Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf
Chuck and Bart Photo

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Omg rufis u r so anoying like u don't talk to lily for weeks and then the seacond. U get tretended u get defensive but hopefully like lily tells bart to stop being such a crule dad and brother because ur son did like every thing fopr u and then just because he actully hasd a heart u take the company away from him dan omg what r u doin with gorgena rly like stop bein and ass and serena u r goin to make the 6 season so interesting and I hope lola and nate break up because ry like why r u and ivy tryin to take down lily what did she ever do to u like I'm sry ur mom is a wakejob and I'm sey she dosnt want a creeper to be like her fake family. Super exited for all the New scandoules secrets for the 6 season


yeah.. 24x5 some twist that the real GG is showed up BUT maybe in season 6 some NEW TWIST that the real GG is caught in 24x5 is the real GG minion disquise being a real GG! still undiscovered the real GG one! :D


Do you think to 24x5 episode or season 6? If in 24x5 episode GG is discovered, then what will happen in season 6? But I think that in 24x5 episode is no time to GG to be discovered!


it's not allison! spoilers* Gossip Girl is a bitch than ever !
georgina , serena , chuck team up to take down Gossip girl by georgina play as serena , serena play as blair , chuck play as georgina !


1st she is with CHUCK, we treats her like Sh*t,
THEN she meets a prince who might actually, actually love her-yet she still has feelings for CHUCK.
THEN the prince becomes a deuche- because who wouldn't after the way that she treated him!
SHE DIVORCES HIM ; and then she REALIZES that DAN is right there- the perfect gentleman, supporting her , he even brought CHUCK to her in that episode where they had an accident.
He actually cares for her- BUT CHUCK is like a drug for here- HE NEEDS A CLIENT & SHE IS HIS JUNKY. ...and its so SAD that they use females this way.


Sorry everyone, but my last comment was written under the impression to spoiler which is released here by @ Celine. Now I'm not 100% sure that this spoiler is true, and my comment was based on it. Reason for coming Georgina and for its common action with Dan is not exactly clear. But we all know that she went to Monaco to meet with mobsters, and to try to prevent the payment of dowry for Blair. Blair dowry was paid by Chuck, and as for the mobster, probably for her, there is one, and it is this new character in the series. A mob is probably associated with Bart and his hiding. And therefore the conflict between Bart and Chuck about the company!


Of course Georgina is back for the end of the season. But this time with a different purpose. Georgina shows to Dan image of GG. The reaction of Dan is that he seems to know that is. Based on Dan reaction I think that's his mother Alison. Georgina and Dan move to capture the GG! Alison and Lily were friends until they clashed about Rufus! Probably is why the main target for GG was always Serena. It seems that history repeats itself. This resembles the relationship between Blair and Serena and Dan.


please people!!dair is a great cuple! Chuk is so nothing....he doesn't expresion in his face...is booooring


So the writers lie, I thought they had said there was not scene with Dan and Georgie yet there they are.

Snow not so white

Yeah whatever, the bitch is back! Yay =)

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