Gossip Girl Photos From "The Fugitives"

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A few photos from Monday's Gossip Girl have been released.

In one of the CW images, Dan and Blair can be seen kissing.

Another picture features Serena, who has a lot on her mind this week, and the two Charlies. Kaylee DeFer resurfaces Monday as the infamous Ivy, and is shown in a scene with Lola (Ella Rae Peck).

If you missed it, take a look at the sneak peek from "The Fugitives" we posted yesterday, then click to enlarge the promotional photos from next week's episode below for a bigger version of each:

Serena Under Fire
Blair, Dan
The 2 Charlies

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@ Zoran: sorry to dissapoint you, but she's sitting at the Empire, just look at the stuff behind her. I think is the same scene where the Charlies appear in the other photo. I wish Serena would be at the loft but I think her scenes with Dan will be at the Waldorf's.


I hope to that this is the last kiss of Dan and Blair! I am a big fan of Serena and Dan! Very interesting photo of Serena. It seems that Serena is sitting at Dan in the loft! I think that she was not there from the season 4. I hope that a miracle will happen and that Serena and Dan are back together! Although I do not believe anything the writers, so I'll wait and see the episode!


Dan and Blair kiss?Ew!!!


lol i def hope thats the last kiss....


Ugh! Why is Ivy still here? She serves absolutely no purpose!


Enjoy it Dair fans its probably the last kiss you will see...Chair forever..We know what's happening in the finale..


My sweet Dair awwww


Dan and Blair kiss. My Dair heart is melting

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Blair: That was your agent. She wants you to reconsider the program in Rome. Which is odd, because you told me they went with someone else.
Dan: Ah, well, yesterday when you ended up with Chuck I was a little nervous about leaving for the whole summer. And I know you told me there were other people there and it was not romantic, but... come on. It's Chuck.
Blair: So you lied to me.
Dan: I figured you would just think I was some jealous freak if I told the truth.
Blair: Well maybe because you are. But you don't have to be. You have nothing to worry about. Take the offer. It's an amazing opportunity and I would never stand in the way of it.
Dan: It means the entire summer apart.
Blair: But it's not like I can't come visit. Rome is just two glasses of chardonnay away.

Chuck: So the car accident was real?
Bart: I was lucky to survive it. But it wasn't an accident. I'd been threatened.
Chuck: By who?
Bart: A very powerful competitor of mine. I had information on some transactions of his that could have put him away for a very long time. But his threats didn't work.
Chuck: They had someone ram your limo with a truck? Dad, You could have gone to the police. You didn't have to—
Bart: Yes, I did. He'd made it quite clear that both you and Lily were fair game. Once I realized his threats weren't empty, the only way out was to make him think he'd already one. Once I got to the hospital tonight I figured that would be my best chance.
Chuck: So what, you just paid some doctors to switch off the machines? Hope Lily was crying so much that she wouldn't notice you were actually still breathing? What did we bury in that coffin?
Bart: Charles, I am here with you now, trying to explain.