Gossip Girl Producers: Return to "Core Dynamics and Characters" Ahead

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Gossip Girl's core characters and dynamics will be on display in the CW drama's sixth and final season this fall, according to executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

With show-runner Josh Safran departing to helm Smash Season 2, and producer Sara Goodman elevated to his former role, one can at least hope (if not expect) this will actually be the case.

Schwartz confirms that the 11-episode Gossip Girl Season 6 will focus on a return to the “core dynamics and the core characters” that drew fans to the show in droves at the outset.

Blair and Chuck

Adds Savage of the coming conclusion to the show:

“There are definitely some things we want to see in the Gossip Girl series finale, and we think we have a great opportunity to tell those final stories and honor our characters and honor our fans."

"We’re all really excited for this final run.”

What about you? Are you excited or apathetic? Do you think the show will redeem itself in its final chapter? What kind of stories are you hoping to see in the sixth season swan song come October?

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I hope that Chuck and Blair live happilly ever after but before that I hope they get lots of on screen nasty. Season 5 was so sexless. I don't watch tv to see two people with no chemisty sitting there blabbing back and forth to each other about who is highbrow (WTF)


I want to see Humphrey go for the jugular with the new book; take no prisoners!


Sorry @ Elisa as I did not answered earlier, yet technical problems. I agree completely with you. I hope you are well!


im gutted its gonna be the last one but all the same cant wait eaither im just hopein i get to see it as i dnt get cw in england ive watched it on itv 2 i would love 2 see dan and serenna and chuck and blair have a double weddin that would be a great ending 2 a great progamm i just hope 2 c repeats one day


I want Chuck and Blair bk together where they belong... i also think that Blair character was too hard on Serena.. both Dan and Blair crossed a line they shudnt have ever been in a position to be crossing... Blair to me was a horrible friend.. but now matters of the heart shows that Blair and Chuck have mad chemistry.. Dan shud have never placed himself there.. that was why he was always insecure when it came to Blair... so hahahah at him now that he will be getting his heart broken... he knows that the one person that loves him is Serena and he dissed her... so have him write his little sappy book with Georginna danny boy.


I want a Chuck and Blair end! Then I'm happy :-)


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